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Ocean bottom What??

An OBS on the working deck of RV Merian. The orange cylinders are the floatations which make sure that the instrument will come back to the surface. Photo: Martha Deen

If you want to get an image of the Alps, you need seismometers surrounding the area. But how do you get the seismometers to work at the bottom of the sea? And how do you get them back? To explain this, we invite you to a virtual journey on board of the research vessel Maria […]

Deployment of the drifter

Saturday, the 27th of January 2018. Today we finally launched the drifter. In the last days we searched for a suitable upwelling-patch off the coast of Mauritania. The drifter has been prepared until late in the night. In the morning, we came closer to the final point of deployment, an area with a fresh upwelling-patch, […]