Dr Heidarzaeh’s interviews with CNN and Sky-News on 1st January 2024 Japan earthquake and tsunami

For latest information regarding the 1st January 2024 Japan M7.5 earthquake and tsunami, see Dr Heidarzadeh’s interviews with CNN and Sky News below. Interview with Sky News (click on the link below for the video): https://video.wixstatic.com/video/551ee8_3cc99e2254d84c958d8e48ebf633b920/480p/mp4/file.mp4 Interview with CNN (click on the link below for the video) : https://video.wixstatic.com/video/551ee8_6c31d116262847c0a1dbfd3350c436de/720p/mp4/file.mp4  Interview with CNN (click on the […]

A large submarine landslide contributed to the September 2018 Palu (Sulawesi, Indonesia) tsunami

A new article by Dr Heidarzadeh See the full article here (free pdf): https://doi.org/10.1080/21664250.2022.2122293 Abstract (based on https://doi.org/10.1080/21664250.2022.2122293): The September 2018 Palu (Sulawesi, Indonesia) tsunami has been a heavily debated event because multiple source models of three different types have been proposed for this tsunami: (i) The Mw 7.5 earthquake, (ii) landslides, and (iii) dual earthquake […]

Tsunami generated by the January 2022 Tonga volcano eruption was 90 m high

By: Dr Mohammad Heidarzadeh Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Bath (England) Secretary General of the International Tsunami Commission. Email: mhk58@bath.ac.uk A new study shows that the deadly and global-reaching tsunami generated by the Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai volcano in January 2022 was as high as 90 m (see Figure 1). The tsunami […]

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Greetings from Team Tasmania!

Hello everyone! We have been in Tasmania from April to September of this year and we had an amazing experience, which we would like to share with you. But first, you should know who ‘Team Tasmania’ is. Team Tasmania is composed of Tamina Wosch, a Master’s student studying Technical Biology at the TU Darmstadt in […]

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Alongside the ocean, in the land of the rising sun

Welcome to the beautiful Akkeshi Marine Station! As you probably have read in previous blogs, our goal this year is to test whether subtidal marine grazers will change their food preference if water temperature increases. If this is the case, we also want to know if this change is more due to alterations in the […]

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Shalom! – Daily adventures of Team Israel

An Israeli saying says ‘The human heart and the seabed are unfathomable’ – This is kind of true but as scientists we are at least trying to discover the ocean and reveal its secrets. To reach that we invest not only a lot of sweat and power but rather a lot of heart! We are this […]

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Topic for 2019: Next GAME project will focus on microplastics

The consortium of partner scientists has now decided about the topic for 2019. GAME will focus on microplastics again. This time we want to investigate whether there is a difference in the effects of microplastic particles and natural seston components on benthic filter feeders such as mussels. The experimental approach will be similar to the […]