A hot take on science, climate change, foraminifers and true love

I study MSc. Biological Oceanography approaching my 3rd semester and I‘m very happy to take part in this year’s OCEAN-NETs mesocosm-experiment on the island of Gran Canaria. Since Covid-19 made a cut to most encounters with physically present scientists, I am only now reflecting upon the impressions I get from working together with real flesh-and-blood-researchers […]

Fluorescent people!

Our supervisors call us the fluorescent guys because we are measuring chlorophyll-a fluorescence. And what is that? Chlorophyll-a is a crucial pigment present in photosynthetic organisms. Photosynthesis is the mechanism by which plants and algae use light to obtain energy to make food. During the photosynthesis, CO2 is sequestered from the atmosphere and converted into […]