Learning de luxe

Hey there, This is the second GEOTRACES cruise I have attended. Back in Kiel I am taking part in the bachelor’s program Biochemistry and molecular biology. I have been working as a research assistant in Eric Achterberg’s lab at GEOMAR for the last two years, and I am very happy to join them on the […]

No pain, no gain

[deutsche Version unten] We are almost done! Our voyage between Chile and New Caledonia has been just under two months now! Despite all the challenges, we are going strong, through Southern Pacific, one of the least studied areas in our planet, working very hard, day and night. We woke up at 3am from time to […]

Observations of surface ocean pH and pCO2, and (micro-)nutrient control of ocean productivity in the South Pacific Ocean

[deutsche Version unten] 5th Weekly Report SO289 Progress: We have had a successful last few days, following our unplanned detour to Tahiti. We commenced sampling again on Wednesday morning (March 23) just outside the EEZ of French Polynesia and have been able to conduct daily station occupations with CTD casts and in situ pump deployments. […]

Observations of plastic litter, underwater images with video camera and seafloor bathymetry

4th Weekly report SO289 (deutsche Version unten) Progress: We have had a successful week, and until Friday night (March 18), we were able to conduct daily station occupations with CTD casts and in situ pump deployments. We have made steady progress west towards Noumea along our 31.5°S latitude cruise track. Surface waters from the tow-fish […]

Tracing water mass mixing and continental inputs in the south Pacific Ocean with dissolved neodymium isotopes

(deutsche Version unten) Neodymium (Nd) is one of the Rare Earth Elements (REE) and consists of seven isotopes. One of the isotopes, 143Nd, is a decay product of the samarium isotope 147Sm that also belongs to the REE with a half-life of 1.06×1011 years. Since the Sm/Nd ratio in rocks and minerals varies, there are […]