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A Student’s Odyssey on the Meteor Cruise CYRTACI

Embarking on the Meteor cruise CYRTACI was a journey that we, a group of early-career researchers and students, looked forward to very much. This blogpost will give an insight into our pre-cruise expectations and our actual experiences. Our expectations were a mixture of curiosity and uncertainty, as we were looking forward to doing some science […]

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Let’s talk about the weather

Bright sunshine, intense thunderstorms, storms up to wind force 9 – the weather during the CYRTACI journey M195 is diverse and varied. Observant eyes even witnessed mirages and waterspouts, not to mention colorful rainbows, sunrises, and sunsets, especially captivating due to the mostly unobstructed sea horizon. Seafaring and weather are traditionally closely intertwined. The success […]

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The “schlauchkern” is a type of coring method that we have been using a lot on M195. In essence, it is a test core to get a view of the sediments to see if we want to collect the material. The process begins with geophysical imaging of the sediments below the meeting point of the […]

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Mud recovered from the seafloor preserves clues of past climates and environments. In special cases, the dance of the seasons has been locked into the sediments, and scientists can then reconstruct the seasonal cycles of past climates. This type of sedimentary layers is called varves, and the layers deposited year after year can be counted […]

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CYRTACI Expedition (M195)

We run the blog in three languages. Please scroll down until you find the right language.  This is the official blog of the CYRTACI Expedition (M195) aboard RV METEOR in Aegean and Ionian waters from 10th November to 2nd December 2023. The port of departure and arrival is the port of Athens, Piraeus, Greece. We […]

Rudy the Rock

Hey, I’m Rudy… The Rock! I am willing to tell you about my first crazy contact with what is called “human” scientists (quite different to my usual rocky neighbors). The last million years, it was calm and silent since my eruption birth at Conical Seamount. We lived in a peaceful stony community at 1400m below […]