SO279 – Introduction of work from HZG* group

*HZG: Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany New tools for sampling and analysis of microplastic Apart from the primary plastics chasing activities using various types of nets on SO279, a group of three post-docs and PhD student from the Institute of Coastal Research, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) are bringing something different to the expedition. As we are getting closer […]

SO279 Setting Sail

The research cruise with the German Research Vessel SONNE (SO279) focuses on the North Atlantic plastic transport mechanisms, sinks, and interactions with biota (NAPTRAM) and supports two major projects: the JPI-Oceans project HOTMIC (“HOrizontal and vertical oceanic distribution, Transport, and impact of MICroplastics”) and the BMBF funded project PLASTISEA (‘Harvesting the marine Plastisphere for novel […]

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Recover and return

— Deutscher Text folgt unten — The fifth week of our cruise was dominated by the finalization of work and the coordination of the recovery of the PAP ODAS buoy. Following a general enquiry by British colleagues from National Oceanography Centre (NOC) to recover this scientific equipment, it had become clear that we could create […]