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Week 1 aboard the RV SONNE (English)

During the first week, the cruise experienced some rough weather. Photo: Thomas Ronge, editing: Steffen Niemann

Two months at sea. Fiji to Japan. No land, possibly a few far-off ships passing by, and 38 scientists, many of whom are known only to each other through their publications. This was the setting for the beginning of RV SONNE cruise SO264. The anonymity was quickly remedied as we boarded the vessel on June […]

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Sharing the caring: biologists Katja and Jan Dierking

What is the nature of your work? Katja Dierking: I am a staff scientist (tenured faculty member) at the Zoological institute at Kiel University. I am a molecular biologist and study host-microbe interactions in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. My work involves science, teaching, and administration. Jan Dierking: I am a scientist (relying on 3rd party […]