AL553 and AL556 – the Baltic integrative time series continues after a one-year Corona gap!

After a one year, Corona-induced break, our integrative time series to assess long-term changes in Baltic Sea pelagic ecosystems finally continues, now running in its 35th year. It feels great to be back at sea after a two-year break and long preparations, overshadowed by the question whether we could really embark this time. In March […]

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#FjordExport – Eine Forschungsexpedition trotz(t) Corona

Fahrtleiterteam Klas Ove Möller (HZG) und Helena Hauss (GEOMAR) Foto: Saskia Rühl

“Nicht nur der wissenschaftliche Erfolg dieser Reise rechtfertigt den Aufwand, auch die ansteckende Begeisterung und die Kooperation sind nach vielen doch recht einsamen Monaten im Home Office eine große Motivation.” Am 2. März 2021 verließ das Forschungsschiff Heincke Bremerhaven mit Ziel Norwegen. Vor dem Start einer Expedition liegen viele Monate Arbeit und Vorbereitung, damit alle […]

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Stalk, stalk, stalk.

— Deutscher Text folgt unten — “It’s a metal cage with a couple of cameras being dragged behind the ship, it’s pretty simple” our research group leader said, describing the OFOS (Ocean Floor Observation System), with a smirk on his face, well knowing that bringing such equipment down to the seafloor makes things get difficult […]

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From Data to Image

Für eine deutsche Übersetzung scrolle man fleißig Due to technical issues we were not able to upload this blog entry until just now. Nontheless, we want to post the last two interviews looking at the electro megnetic measurement as well and they will follow within the next few days. For the last step in our […]

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Alter course

— Deutscher Text im Anschluss — The North Atlantic has shown us its power and beauty this week. It reminded us, that we have to follow his rules and can be grateful for the opportunities to study whenever the wind and waves allow us to do so. This week, we experienced why few research cruises […]

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Lets go!

Very early into our expedition we have already made new experiences. Both the distinguished technicians and researchers as well as the newcomers on board lived three calm days with excellent service in the quarantine hotel. That was new. We shared an afternoon “East-Frisian tea ceremony”, evening drinks and brief preparation talks virtually while waiting eagerly […]

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Like a piece of cake

On the way back to the Strait of Gibraltar we had a nice talk with Judith Elger about seismic imaging and of course we don’t want to withhold that from you. Judith is a geophysicist and is currently working as a postdoc at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research in Kiel. In her project […]

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Vibing on the seafloor

Eine deutsche Übersetzung? Gibt’s weiter unten In the next three articles we will take a closer look at seismic methods. Today we want to take look at seismic measurements at the seafloors. Today we talk to Bettina Schramm, geophysicist and PhD student at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, about OBS (Ocean Bottom Seismometers), […]

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Grazzi tal-hin sabih

Für eine deutsche Übersetzung, wie immer; scrollenHeading transaltes to “Thank you for the wonderful time” Die Überschrift lässt sich als “Vielen Dank für die wundervolle Zeit” aus dem Maltesischen übersetzen Well, seems like that was that, huh? 22 days off the coast of Malta. Sailing up and down the Maltese coast for more than three […]