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SO287-CONNECT: Das Tischtennisturnier auf hoher See

english version below Der letzte Tag an Bord. Die ersten von uns haben heute am 11.12.2021 bereits das Schiff in Richtung Heimat verlassen. Der Rest tritt morgen die Rückreise oder den verdienten Urlaub in Quito, der Hauptstadt Ecuadors oder auf den nicht weit entfernten Galapagos Inseln an. Zum Abschied einer Expedition wird traditionell ein Expeditionssticker […]

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SO287-CONNECT: Patience is Key

The cruise is coming to an end, and there are 8 days left until we enter the port of Guayaquil. While some of the measurements on board can be read out directly and preliminary interpretations are presented during the cruise, there are also a lot of samples that can only be analyzed in the laboratory […]

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SO287 – CONNECT: From the Pacific to the world,

German version below The stars at night are the same, the world keeps turning and (almost) everything remains the same in the rest of the world. But after a 23-day transit between the Northwestern African coast and the Central American coast, with few signs of civilization (only a few cargo-ships at a distance) and a […]

M176/2 What controls iron availability to marine phytoplankton: Phycosphere or bulk seawater?

Anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2) are causing climate change, global warming, and ocean acidification. Microscopic plants called phytoplankton, living in the surface oceans, sequester 50% of global CO2 and supply >50% of new nitrogen used for primary production. Other than light and major nutrients, phytoplankton growth is strongly influenced by availability […]