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We are back!

Yes, it was a long time ago when I posted on this blog. The reason for my long silence was coordinating the GoJelly H2020 project, where all of our activities were reported mainly through the project homepage ( am back with a piece of exciting news! Yesterday, we deployed the first model of our microplastic […]

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Moments of aftermath!

On January 8th we launched officially our Horizon 2020 Project „GoJelly“. The project is supported by the European commission to address marine litters by using jellyfish as an innovative and also new source for biotech-based researches which is unique worldwide in the structure we proposed. The main focus is to investigate in an anti-microplastic filter […]

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POS520: Exciting Discoveries / Spannende Entdeckungen

Bruce Robison, MBARI, climbing out of JAGO after a dive down to 350 m, welcomed back on board by the two technicians Peter and Ede / Bruce Robinson (MBARI) verlässt nach einem Tauchgang bis in 350 Metern Tiefe das Tauchboot JAGO. Die beiden Techniker Peter und Ede begrüßen ihn zurück an Deck. Photo: Karen Hissmann/JAGO-Team

Oceanographic pioneer Maurice Ewing is reported to have advised his students that the key to discovery is to take a new instrument to a place where no one has explored before. The midwater research conducted off the Cape Verde Islands during Poseidon Cruise 520 is a fine example of that research philosophy. The unique combination […]

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POS520 Cape Verde Cruise / POS520 Fahrt um die Kapverden

POSEIDON vor der Kapverden Insel Fogo / RV POSEIDON off the Cape Verdean island of Fogo. Photo Karen Hissmann / JAGO-Team

(Deutsche Version unten) Between the 14 Feb and  1 March 2018 expedition POS520 with RV POSEIDON and the submersible JAGO takes place off the coast of the cape verde island Santo Antão. The chief scientist, the JAGO team and participants of the cruise write here as guest writers. Today Henk-Jan Hoving, GEOMAR, Deep Sea Biologist, […]

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To be (complete) or not to be- That is the question

We finally published our research article on the choice of regeneration in the invasive comb jelly. you can follow the PR, as well as a link to the paper here: Here you can also find an interesting short movie on how we cut the larvae into half.  complete larvae has two tentacles and were […]

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Science, Not Silence

that is the top slogan for tomorrow’s march. 22nd April is named as “Earth Day” and gets celebrated worldwide since 1970. This year, however, will be a special event after all what had happened during and after the US presidential election when Donald Trump called climate change as a bluff: organizers of “March for […]