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A slow start & sunny days in Husö, Finland.

We are Carmen (DE) and Sofia (FI), and together, we make up Team Finland 2022. Team Finland is working on the Åland islands at the Husö Biological Station, which belongs to Finland’s only Swedish-speaking University, Åbo Akademi University. The GAME topic of 2022 is the effect of artificial light at night (ALAN) on mussels, and […]

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Happy Holidays from the GAME teams 2021

The year 2021 is coming to an end and with it our GAME project. Since mid of October, we were at GEOMAR in Kiel to analyse the data we collected during our experiments, to attend workshops on scientific writing and other science communication skills and to present our research findings at different universities in the […]

Die Illusion von Neutralität in der Wissenschaft – Interview mit Johannes Karstensen und Moritz Baumann

Wer wissenschaftlich arbeitet, muss dabei möglichst neutral, unbeeinflusst und unvoreingenommen sein – wissenschaftliches Arbeiten unterliegt schließlich wissenschaftlichen Standards. Aber wie sieht das aus, wenn man als Wissenschaftler*in zur Öffentlichkeit spricht? Wie neutral muss man sich dann verhalten? Darf man eine bestimmte Position vertreten und kann man jemals außerhalb der wissenschaftlichen Rolle wahrgenommen werden? Ein spannendes […]

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‘Hola’ from the westernmost tip of Europe: Galicia.

Hola, ¿qué tal? We, Svea and Abel, are Team Spain. We are in the northwest of Spain in the region of Galicia, more exactly in Vigo. A city with about 300.000 inhabitants, located next to the Atlantic and surrounded by beautiful nature. Galicia is definitely an underestimated region in Spain. Very diverse, with amazing views […]

The illusion of neutrality in science

On September 24, a nationwide climate strike took place on the occasion of the upcoming federal elections in Germany. In the context of the strike and the election, there was intense discussion in scientific circles about the extent to which it was now permissible to position oneself thematically politically.The election was crucial. It would determine […]