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Organisatorischer Endspurt vor Abreise

Jasmin und Anne organisierten bereits zahlreiche Forschungsfahrten für den Fachbereich Dynamik des Ozeanbodens – ob nach Papua-Neuguinea zur Erforschung von Flankenkollapsen an Vulkaninseln, ins Mittelmeer auf der Suche nach submarinen Süßwasser Aquiferen oder bereits 2015 die erste GeoSEA Ausfahrt SO244 in den Pazifik. Doch selten waren so viele Vorabreiten wie für diese Expedition notwendig. Gesundheitserklärung […]

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The Archimedes-I cruise: back to port

+++ Für die deutsche Version bitte nach unten scrollen +++ All good things come to an end and so is the Archimedes-I cruise. For 48 days, 39 scientists and 31 crew members were onboard of the RV Sonne, cruising the Lau Basin in the south-west Pacific. The cruise was one of a kind because in […]

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The ARCHIMEDES-I cruise: full of surprises

+++ Für die deutsche Version bitte nach unten scrollen +++ The busy days of OBS deployment and recovery are long passed. We recovered the last station on the 21st of December and all the 48 stations are now standing happily on the deck in the back of the vessel, waiting for their next deployment. The […]

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ARCHIMEDES-I cruise: ready for take-off

+++ Für die deutsche Version, bitte nach unten scrollen +++ On the 10th of December 2018, 39 scientists with 7 different nationalities safely embarked the German research vessel RV ‘SONNE’. The harbour of embarkment, Suva, Fiji, is for most scientists literally the other side of the world. There are many roads that lead to Fiji. […]

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This is the end …

Not quite yet but the end of the expedition (EoX in IODP language) is in sight. We are now in our eighth week of the expedition and thus all of us are looking forward to get back on land and even more to get back home to our families and friends (not that we wouldn’t […]

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WOWing and drilling progress

Latitude: 34.882°S Longitude: 179.068°E Days at Sea: 32 In the last post, Karen mentioned the term ‚WOWing‘. The term is actually an abbreviation for ‘Waiting-On-Weather’ and means that the weather and/or the seas are too rough to continue with our operations. This happened already a few times during our Expedition, the last time on Thursday. […]

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The life of a core

May 27, 2018 Latitude: 34° 52.52’S Longitude: 179°03.52’E Days at sea: 19 Let’s follow a core that gets on deck of the JOIDES Resolution. It has to endure a lot of procedures before it is allowed to relax in its d-tube, where it waits for shipping to the storage facility in Japan. After the core […]

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Sustainable Drilling

Latitude: 34.882º S Longitude: 179.068º E Days at sea: 12 The last few days were quite successful. We managed to drill more than 200 metres into the northwestern rim of the Brothers caldera and retrieved some wonderful cores. Fresh lava for us igneous petrologists and vocanologists, altered rocks for our alteration specialists and sulphides for […]

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At Site U1527 and drilling

May 10, 2018 Latitude: 34.867° S Longitude: 179.061° E Days at sea: 2 On Wednesday (May 9) morning, we left the port of Auckland and started our transit to Brothers Volcano. The seas were calm and the weather warm and sunny. Thus, the 24h transit was very smooth, there were no issues with seasickness and […]