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German version below Tales of A Marine Scientist Growing up, I have always been fascinated by the sea- this endless beautiful body of water. People loved to go to the beach for recreation, but I always wanted to see what the sea brought to land-shells, plants, shoes. It was a different kind of love. So, […]

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>deutsche Fassung siehe weiter unten< It is unbelievable that around Cabo Verde, there exists a large expanse of blue water bigger than a River. The research voyage on the R/V MARIA S. MERIAN began on February 26, 2022 and we are still excited and impressed by the famous big blue ‘water body’ that is called OCEAN. […]

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SO287-CONNECT: Patience is Key

The cruise is coming to an end, and there are 8 days left until we enter the port of Guayaquil. While some of the measurements on board can be read out directly and preliminary interpretations are presented during the cruise, there are also a lot of samples that can only be analyzed in the laboratory […]

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#MOSESeddyhunt: Neues von der Stemme/News from the Stemme

Das Forschungsflugzeug Stemme der FH Aachen beim Messflug über dem Atlantik. / The research airplane Stemme of the FH Aachen during a measurement flight over the Atlantic Ocean. Photo: Arne Körtzinger/GEOMAR

(English below) Hier kommt ein Update von der Stemme-Crew. Diesmal aus unserer neuen “Zentrale” auf Fogo! Gestern sind wir mit den wichtigsten Teilen der Ausrüstung von der Insel Sal nach Fogo umgezogen. Da die Fähre wegen der großen Wellen nicht lief, sind wir alle mit dem Flugzeug geflogen. Leider sind einige unserer Geräte nicht angekommen, […]