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POS532: JAGO-Pilot werden…/ To become a JAGO pilot

Die beiden JAGO-Piloten Jürgen (hier als “Hakenmann”) und Peter. The two submersible JAGO-pilots Jürgen (in wetsuit as „hookman“) and Peter. Photo: JAGO-Team/GEOMAR

english version below …braucht Zeit und die richtigen Bedingungen! Hier erzählt JAGO-Pilot Peter Striewski von seinem Weg ins „JAGO-Cockpit“ Wer den eng getakteten Forschungsbetrieb auf Ausfahrten mit einem Forschungsschiff kennt, weiß, dass es gar nicht so einfach ist, Zeit zum Üben eines reibungslosen Einsatzes von mitgebrachten Geräten und – wie in unserem Fall – Fahrzeugen […]

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POS520: Exciting Discoveries / Spannende Entdeckungen

Bruce Robison, MBARI, climbing out of JAGO after a dive down to 350 m, welcomed back on board by the two technicians Peter and Ede / Bruce Robinson (MBARI) verlässt nach einem Tauchgang bis in 350 Metern Tiefe das Tauchboot JAGO. Die beiden Techniker Peter und Ede begrüßen ihn zurück an Deck. Photo: Karen Hissmann/JAGO-Team

Oceanographic pioneer Maurice Ewing is reported to have advised his students that the key to discovery is to take a new instrument to a place where no one has explored before. The midwater research conducted off the Cape Verde Islands during Poseidon Cruise 520 is a fine example of that research philosophy. The unique combination […]

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Earthquake waves generated by the Sept 9, 2017 Mexiko earthquake (magnitude 8.2). The waves travel through the earth, similar to a medical computer tomography. We use these data to reconstruct the inner structure of our planet.

During our last days here in our working area we are shifting it into gear, because it is harvesting time! Finally we will have a look at our data coming back from the sea floor – we all have been waiting for this very moment since weeks now (and some of us since a few […]