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DIVERSITY MONTH MAY: 28.5. Internationaler Tag für Frauengesundheit/International Day for Women´s Health

***English version below*** von Catharina Jäcke In der Medizin wird binär zwischen Männern und Frauen unterschieden. Diese Einteilung wird anhand der Ebenen der Chromosomen, der Keimdrüsen, Hormone und der inneren und äußeren Geschlechtsmerkmale vorgenommen. Diese Ebenen können sich jeweils unterschiedlich ausprägen, so dass sie nicht eindeutig übereinstimmen und es kann daher von einem Geschlechterspektrum gesprochen […]

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Olá, manera bo ta? Welcome to warm and sunny Cabo Verde!

We are Amelie (DE) and Isia (CV) and together we make Team Cabo Verde 2023. Those foreign words above are greetings in Creole, the Cabo Verde mother tongue, meaning “Hello, how are you?”. Continuing with last year’s research topic, we will investigate how artificial light at night (ALAN) influences the settlement behaviour of sessile invertebrates […]

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On-deck incubation experiments

Phytoplankton or microalgae are the most common primary producers in the ocean, and they support other higher trophic animals, such as zooplankton, fish, and even whales! They are a large family with multiple species with all kinds of shapes and lifestyles. It is very important to study these tiny creatures to understand their physiological performance, […]

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Inside the Van – a Trace Metal-Clean Oasis

Bioessential trace metals such as Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Ni, V, Zn and Cr are an incredibly important part of marine biology, without which life in the ocean would not exist the way we know it. The aim of the GEOTRACES program is to understand the processes affecting the distribution of trace elements […]

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A ghostly floating visitor

Early on in our cruise, during one of our first night-time sampling stations between Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, we were mesmerised by the most ghostly sight – pale, hollow floating tubes of all sizes suspended in the water and drifting in the strong equatorial currents. After some debate and with a little research we […]

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Diversity Month May

***German version below*** What is it to be a father in academia? by Staff for Diversity Often it is hard to sustain the work-life balance in Academia. We have all heard about the hardships of motherhood, juggling kids and career. But there are always two sides to the story. How do fathers feel about having […]

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Welcome to FYORD – Foster Young Ocean Researcher Development

Are you an early career marine researcher looking for a community that supports and empowers you in your career? Check out FYORD – Foster Young Ocean Researcher Development! Jointly established by Kiel Marine Sciences (KMS) at Christian Albrechts University and GEOMAR – Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel, FYORD is an interdisciplinary program designed to […]

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My first cruise with a research vessel

My name is Anne, and when describing my Ph.D. research, I always had steady ground under my feet. I was working on contaminant leaching from agricultural fields to the soil and groundwater to predict adverse effects on our drinking water supply from groundwater. Water was always the invisible media I would need to describe with […]

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Diversity Monat Mai/Diversity Month May

***English version below*** Gesundheitsmanagement und Diversity – Wie passt das zusammen? von Janpit Peters Das GEOMAR will sich in Zukunft für mehr Diversity in der Arbeitswelt engagieren. Es hat auch die Charta der Vielfalt unterzeichnet, eine Arbeitgebendeninitiative zur Förderung von Vielfalt in Unternehmen und Institutionen. Was Diversität in der Arbeitswelt auszeichnet und wie sie sich […]