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66° North – Between light pollution & midnight sun

Sæl og blessuð! Velkomin tíl Ísafjarða. Happy and blessed! Welcome to Ísafjörður. That’s the formal greeting you hear in Iceland, the land of fire and ice. GAME is more than happy to finally cooperate with the partner institution in the Westfjords, incorporating a sub-arctic environment into the Global Approach by Modular Experiments. And what an […]

Surfactants are ubiquitous!

***deutsche Version siehe weiter unten*** Teaser: Scientists are concerned about surface active compounds (known as surfactants) in any air-sea exchange processes nowadays. During our ongoing research in the Baltic Sea, scientists from IOW and GEOMAR came together on RV EMB295 to address the question of how surfactants in surface seawater of the Baltic Sea control […]

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#MSM106 Floating University – Our time in Germany

After the cruise MSM106 some of the WASCAL students spent some time in Germany at different institutes to work on their Master thesis. Here are some impressions from the students. Nach der Expedition MSM106 verbrachten einige der WASCAL-Studierenden einige Zeit in Deutschland an verschiedenen Instituten, um an ihrer Masterarbeit zu arbeiten. Hier sind einige Eindrücke […]

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A slow start & sunny days in Husö, Finland.

We are Carmen (DE) and Sofia (FI), and together, we make up Team Finland 2022. Team Finland is working on the Åland islands at the Husö Biological Station, which belongs to Finland’s only Swedish-speaking University, Åbo Akademi University. The GAME topic of 2022 is the effect of artificial light at night (ALAN) on mussels, and […]

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Ocean Voices: how did it all begin?

Welcome to the “Ocean Voices” blog series run by doctoral and non-permanent postdoctoral researchers at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany. Thanks for dropping by! We’ve been looking forward to getting this blog running for a while, and are excited to finally get it going with our first post. As our first post, […]