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‘Hola’ from the westernmost tip of Europe: Galicia.

Hola, ¿qué tal? We, Svea and Abel, are Team Spain. We are in the northwest of Spain in the region of Galicia, more exactly in Vigo. A city with about 300.000 inhabitants, located next to the Atlantic and surrounded by beautiful nature. Galicia is definitely an underestimated region in Spain. Very diverse, with amazing views […]

The illusion of neutrality in science

On September 24, a nationwide climate strike took place on the occasion of the upcoming federal elections in Germany. In the context of the strike and the election, there was intense discussion in scientific circles about the extent to which it was now permissible to position oneself thematically politically.The election was crucial. It would determine […]

Die Illusion von Neutralität in der Wissenschaft

Am 24. September fand ein deutschlandweiter Klimastreik statt, anlässlich der anstehenden Bundestagswahl. Im Rahmen des Streiks und der Wahl, wurde in wissenschaftlichen Kreisen intensiv diskutiert, inwieweit man sich denn nun thematisch politisch positionieren dürfe.Die Wahl war entscheidend. Sie würde bestimmen, welche Parteien die letzte Entscheidungsgewalt bekämen, noch Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, die zumindest Deutschlands Anteil am […]

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The Hunt for evidence – Auf Spurensuche

Eine deutsche Version ist weiter unten zu finden. Just as Sherlock Holmes is only as good a detective as he is, since he considers all the evidence he can find and does not rely on fingerprints alone, here in the Gulf of St Lawrence, we apply all the methods available to us, in order to […]

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The Who is Who – oder die hoheitlichen Abenteurer

Eine deutsche Version ist weiter unten zu finden. Welcome back! Now, let me tell you who the royal adventurers (because of PRINCE, get it?) are on this journey. On this ship, we are 24 crew people and 21 scientists. We scientists are further categorizable as follows: 7 Doctoral Candidates (DC), 5 Student Assistants (HiWi), 3 […]

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Better late than never

Welcome to our PRINCE blog! Here it is! Our first blogpost of the MSM103 expedition. It took us a while to get things going here on the side and we have been on board for a while, so let me give you a brief summary of what happened so far: Saturday the 11th of September […]