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“Staff for Diversity” had its kick-off

***German version below*** The network of “Staff for Diversity” met for the first time on Tuesday, 21 March 2023, in a hybrid format. The group consisted of twelve people bringing different outlooks on diversity to the table. “Staff for Diversity” aspires to build on our differences and similarities: every person brings their individual experience, expectations […]

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When an icebreaker comes to West Africa,…

… something special must be happening. And it is – the next “WASCAL Floating University” is about to start. After we had our premiere last year with the research vessel Maria S. Merian (MSM106), we have another premiere this year with the next cohort of students: This year our Floating University will take place on […]

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The lovely German tradition of crafting graduation hats

Who does not know those American graduation hats?  They are traditionally worn at the ceremony after successfully completing a degree or doctorate. Black and consisting of a flat, square board of stiff material to which a tassel is attached in the centre, these graduation hats are also known as mortarboards. Worn festively together with a […]

Gradients in ocean nutrient limitation

6th weekly report (19.02.2023 – 25.02.2023) Saturday 25th February 2023 The fifth week of the research expedition M187: we have been making progress with the transect we are conducting outwards into the South Atlantic subtropical gyre. We plan a total of 11 stations along this section, starting from where we finished the two filament studies […]

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8.3.2023 Internationaler Frauentag/ International Women’s Day

von Catharina Jäcke ***English version below*** Vor über 100 Jahren wurde am 8. März der internationale Frauentag zum ersten Mal zelebriert. Teilweise wird der Tag auch feministischer Kampftag genannt, da Feminismus nicht nur für Frauen ist, sondern für alle in der Gesellschaft benachteiligten Geschlechter. In diesem Beitrag wird die Relevanz des 8. März erklärt, ob […]

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Der Matilda-Effekt

von Lilly Rosenkranz ***English version below*** Geschlechtergerechtigkeit & Forschungskultur: Dimensionen des Matilda Effekts Grundlegend für wissenschaftliche Arbeit ist Kollaboration. Wissensbestände werden aufgebaut und erweitert, vielfältige Blickwinkel und Beiträge verbessern die Qualität der Wissensbestände. Die Anerkennung der Leistungen ermöglicht ihre Weiterentwicklung und den Fortbestand des Wissens. Historisch gibt es jedoch blinde Flecken innerhalb des kollaborativen Verständnisses […]

Tracking ocean (micro)nutrients

4th weekly report (12.02.2023 – 18.02.2023) Saturday 18th February 2023 In our fourth week we continued our study of the second filament located west of Lüderitz, conducting daily stations to sample the water column and then using the remainder of the day and night for intensive underway sampling of surface seawaters. We are studying the […]