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POS520 Cape Verde Cruise / POS520 Fahrt um die Kapverden

POSEIDON vor der Kapverden Insel Fogo / RV POSEIDON off the Cape Verdean island of Fogo. Photo Karen Hissmann / JAGO-Team

(Deutsche Version unten) Between the 14 Feb and  1 March 2018 expedition POS520 with RV POSEIDON and the submersible JAGO takes place off the coast of the cape verde island Santo Antão. The chief scientist, the JAGO team and participants of the cruise write here as guest writers. Today Henk-Jan Hoving, GEOMAR, Deep Sea Biologist, […]

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Ein Rundgang durch das OSCM / A tour of the OSCM

Auf dem Weg zum OSCM / On the way to the OSCM. Photo: Jan Steffen/GEOMAR

Mit dem Internationalen Workshop on Marine & Atmospheric Science in West Africa vom 13. bis 17. November hat das Ocean Science Centre Mindelo seinen wissenschaftlichen Betrieb aufgenommen. Ab sofort steht es der internationalen Forschung als Logistik-, Konferenz- und Fortbildungszentrum im tropischen Ostatlantik zur Verfügung. Doch welche Räumlichkeiten gibt es im OSCM konkret? Was kann ich […]

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Welcome at the OSCM!

Icebreaker event at the OSCM. Foto: Jan Steffen/GEOMAR

Yesterday the first major workshop at the brand new Ocean  Science Centre Mindelo  (OSCM), the International Workshop on Marine & Atmospheric Science in West Africa, started with an icebreaker event. We met many old friends who shared with us  the long way of proposing, planning and constructing the OSCM. We could also welcome some new […]

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Ocean Science Centre Mindelo just before scientific operation

Preparations for the scientific operation of GEOMAR research station started After two and a half years of construction, the new GEOMAR research station in Mindelo, Cape Verde, has been completed. Now the preparations for the scientific operation of the Ocean Science Center Mindelo have begun. The project is a cooperation of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre […]

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MSM63 – 04

After a delayed start due to technical problems we decided to concentrate on water column sampling and acoustic surveys of the Goldeneye area for the time that we have left. We are very excited to finally get some water samples to characterise the bottom water chemistry in the region. Multibeam and Parasound transects provide us […]

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MSM63 – 03

Hello World, Next in our program was the deployment of 14 Ocean Bottom Electric (OBE) field receivers from the Ocean Bottom Instrument Consortium (OBIC). A recent development is the vertical arm so that 6 stations recorded not only the horizontal but also the vertical electric field. Deployment of the OBEs extended over two sessions with […]