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Between a rock and a hard place…

Just as most scientists, geologists spend most of their working time in front of a computer (i.e., the hard place) – sometimes interrupted by some time in the lab, depending on your specialty. The best thing about Geology though is that we have to go into the field or on research cruises like this one, […]

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At Site U1527 and drilling

May 10, 2018 Latitude: 34.867° S Longitude: 179.061° E Days at sea: 2 On Wednesday (May 9) morning, we left the port of Auckland and started our transit to Brothers Volcano. The seas were calm and the weather warm and sunny. Thus, the 24h transit was very smooth, there were no issues with seasickness and […]

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On board.

May 6, 2018 Latitude: 36° 50.60’S Longitude: 174°46.80’E Days at sea: 0 Hello and welcome to the IODP Expedition 376 “Brothers Arc Flux” Blog May 6, the start of our expedition. Our staff scientist, Tobias Hoefig, picked us and the other scientists up at the hotel in Auckland and brought us to the Freyberg Wharf […]

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Earthquake waves generated by the Sept 9, 2017 Mexiko earthquake (magnitude 8.2). The waves travel through the earth, similar to a medical computer tomography. We use these data to reconstruct the inner structure of our planet.

During our last days here in our working area we are shifting it into gear, because it is harvesting time! Finally we will have a look at our data coming back from the sea floor – we all have been waiting for this very moment since weeks now (and some of us since a few […]

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On the edge

Wet conditions on the edge. Photo: M. Neckel, GEOMAR/CAU.

In our last blog entries we have already reported on our gear and how difficult recovery can be at times. Today, we would like to share some of the daily working life of the scientists here on board with you. Marine geophysical surveys commonly require a large number of helping hands (and brains, of course). […]

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To fish in muddy waters…

OBS waiting for ist recovery on the starboard side of RV Maria S Merian. Photo: Y. Xia, GEOMAR

Doing science at sea has its very own rules – just like the German soccer cup or DFB-Pokal, for which the saying goes: The cup makes its own rules. The teams dedicate many months to a thorough preparation, all options are evaluated, everything is double-checked, every tactical variation is considered and at the end everything […]

I shot the Sheriff – Seismik und häufig gestellte Fragen

–english version below–   Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,   Klopf, Klopf – wer ist da? – Eure WissenschaftlerInnen von SO252! Wir dampfen weiterhin fröhlich durch unser Messgebiet vor Ritter Island und sammeln seismische Daten. Uns erreichten in den letzten Tagen zahlreiche Zuschriften mit Fragen, Anmerkungen und Liebesgrüßen aus aller Welt. Um den durch die letzten […]

The Sound of Science – Hydroakustik

—english version below—   Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, hier sind wieder eure LieblingswissenschaftlerInnen von SO252. Wir haben inzwischen unser Messgebiet vor Ritter Island in der Bismarck See erreicht und sammeln fleißig hydroakustische und seismische Daten. Doch bevor wir über die eigentliche Arbeit berichten, möchten wir euch auf den aktuellen Stand unserer außerwissenschaftlichen Aktivitäten bringen: Die […]

I like to moor it moor it!

—english version below—   Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, eure Wissenschaftler von SO252 konnten den Angriff der pandimensionalen Monster aus dem Portal im Marianengraben erfolgreich abwehren. Puh! Das ist natürlich Unfug (das Portal wurde bereits 2012 von James Cameron geschlossen), allerdings verbrachten wir die letzten 48 Stunden tatsächlich oberhalb des Challengertiefs, das mit seiner Lage ca. […]