The competitive teamplayer

A workplace presents challenges – always, in fact. These can consist of shift times, changing work locations or character requirements. What the challenges are depends on the workplace. In some workplaces, the situation is particularly complex. A good example of this is science. A characteristic feature of scientific work is to constantly network and cooperate […]

Die einzelkämpferischen Teamplayer

Ein Arbeitsplatz birgt Herausforderungen – immer, eigentlich. Diese können aus Schichtzeiten, sich ändernden Arbeitsorten oder charakterlichen Anforderungen bestehen. Worin genau die Herausforderungen bestehen, hängt vom jeweiligen Arbeitsplatz ab. An manchen Arbeitsplätzen ist die Situation besonders komplex. Ein gutes Beispiel dafür ist die Wissenschaft. Ein kennzeichnendes Merkmal wissenschaftlicher Arbeit ist es, sich laufend mit anderen Wissenschaftler*innen […]

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Living the Light: What influence can artificial lighting at night have on the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus in Madeira?

Hello, greetings from Portugal. We are Bruna and Marian, a Portuguese-German joint venture. We are based on Madeira Island in the Macaronesia region, which comprises a group of four volcanic archipelagos in the North-Atlantic Ocean (Acores, Canary Islands, Cabo Verde and Madeira). Due to its location about almost 1000 kilometers south-west of Lisbon, the climate […]

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GAME is back in Finland

This year, after a long time, Finland has again become one of the European GAME destinations. While the Finnish teams of previous projects were hosted by the the Zoological Station in Tvaerminne, GAME has now moved a bit more to the north and found a new home in the Åland archipelago. However, Team Finland 2021 […]

Never ever grow up – interview with physicist Manita Chouksey and professor Ulf Riebesell

Scientists seem to remain young at heart. Sometimes it even gives the impression that they retain their inner child – along with its playfulness and curiosity. But is that true? Ocean Stories Blog interview episode with physicist Manita Chouksey from project REEBUS and professor Ulf Riebesell from project CUSCO. Author und Host: Ann Kristin Montano […]

English: Never ever grow up!

“Even though you want to try to, never grow up” J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan Peter Pan is the boy who never grows up. He lives on the island of Neverland with his “lost boys”. Every day he has adventures, surrounded by Indians, pirates, mermaids and fairies. He is dreamy, playful, curious. Sometimes he doesn’t like […]

Werde nie-niemals erwachsen!

“Even though you want to try to, never grow up” J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan Peter Pan ist der Junge, der nie erwachsen wird. Er lebt auf der Insel Nimmerland mit seinen „verlorenen Jungs“. Jeden Tag erlebt er Abenteuer, umgeben von Indianern, Piraten, Meerjungfrauen und Feen. Er ist verträumt, verspielt, neugierig. Manchmal mag er sich nicht […]

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We have started!

Despite the challenging circumstances caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, GAME 2021 got off to a successful start and all 12 participants are now about to begin their research on the influence of artificial lighting at night (ALAN) on the food consumption and activitiy patterns of marine benthic grazers at various study sites worldwide. Following […]