AL521 now posting from the Baltic Sea!

Easter egg at the horizon, the end of a beautiful Easter Sunday in Gdansk Deep. Photo: J. Dierking

It’s spring time, and like every year for us this means that it is time to head out to sea with research vessel ALKOR to extend the Baltic Sea integrative long-term data series, running now in its 33rd year.

The mission: to enhance the understanding of the complex and profound changes that Baltic Sea ecosystems and species have undergone in the past decades, and of the biology of the organisms that are living in and have adapted to the challenging environmental conditions of the Baltic.

We will be sailing the Baltic from April 16 till May 3rd to sample fish and plankton communities and to take hydraphic measurements from Kiel Bight to the Gotland Basin, and will post more on the science behind the cruise, scientific projects, and impressions of work and life on board in the coming weeks.

Art work: Night shift; Photo: J. Dierking

Happy Easter from on board ALKOR!

The scientific crew of AL521

More background?
Check out where we are right now here, read our blogs on previous Baltic time series cruises on this page, and see the ALKOR expedition page!

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  1. Tolle Berichte! Und Ostern scheint Ihr gut verbracht zu haben auf See! Viele Grüße an Bord.

    • Thanks Jens! Our hydrographic data are accessible via the ICES database. The biological data series are not accessible online, but if you have questions regarding specific data, do not hesitate to get in touch.
      All the best,


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