Moments of aftermath!

On January 8th we launched officially our Horizon 2020 Project „GoJelly“. The project is supported by the European commission to address marine litters by using jellyfish as an innovative and also new source for biotech-based researches which is unique worldwide in the structure we proposed. The main focus is to investigate in an anti-microplastic filter made from jellyfish slime.
Microplastic pollution is becoming a global concern, especially after the new report on some sights of contamination in our drink water:
to be followed by a still-unknown direct effect on human health
I was shocked when I came across a report that was drafted by BUND very recently (December 2017) in which they provided a long list of cosmetic products that inhibits microbeads in it. Yet, we have no national regulations to ban putting MP into products. But, a self-regulation by alarmed consumers might be the very first step to overcome lobbying in the issue of plastic and microplastic products.
Please have a look to this list and check how easily we are supporting companies that are using MP in their products.

Stay tuned…more interesting news will come soon!