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The Archimedes-I cruise: A short look back to more than 110 years of interdisciplinary geo-research in Polynesia

+++ Für die deutsche Version bitte nach unten scrollen +++ And there are always tracks, and always someone has been there before,and always someone has climbed higher than you ever could,much higher. Don’t be discouraged, climb, climb. But there is no summit.And there is no fresh snow. Kurt Tucholsky, 1931 As it happens, we are […]

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Research at sea: a (wo)man’s business

+++ Für die deutsche Version bitte nach unten scrollen +++ Ever since we started sailing around the world, being at sea was considered a man’s job. According to the International Labour Organisation only 1-2% of seafarers are women today. So how did this come to be and where are we heading? Let’s dive into some […]

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Von Malizia und Mikroplastik: Meereswissenschaftler und Profisegler machen gemeinsame Sache

Boris Hermann und Dr. Toste Tanhua erklären während der Kinderuni im Dezember, wie Wissenschaft und Segelsport zusammenpassen.

Es ist Mittwochnachmittag und vor dem Audimax der CAU sieht alles nach gewöhnlichem Universitätsalltag aus. Kaum öffne ich jedoch die Türen des großen Hörsaals, ändert sich der Eindruck und mir schlägt aufgeregtes Stimmengewirr entgegen. Ich suche mir einen Platz und warte gespannt darauf, dass Johanna Krüger, Mitarbeiterin der Kieler Forschungswerkstatt, die ersten Worte an die […]

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The ARCHIMEDES-I cruise: full of surprises

+++ Für die deutsche Version bitte nach unten scrollen +++ The busy days of OBS deployment and recovery are long passed. We recovered the last station on the 21st of December and all the 48 stations are now standing happily on the deck in the back of the vessel, waiting for their next deployment. The […]

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A running start on the ARCHIMEDES-I cruise

+++ Für die deutsche Version bitte nach unten scrollen +++ Let’s start with some good news: the lost luggage we were all so worried about arrived on time and so complete in terms of scientists and material we left the harbour of Suva in broad day light with lots of sunshine. There was no time […]

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Meet Tiina Nõges, professor of hydrobiology from the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Estonian University of Life Sciences. Her academic career continues since 1975 when she started to study biology and microbiology at the University of Tartu. Her outstanding achievements in academic and managing areas are listed in her CV. What did inspire you […]

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ARCHIMEDES-I cruise: ready for take-off

+++ Für die deutsche Version, bitte nach unten scrollen +++ On the 10th of December 2018, 39 scientists with 7 different nationalities safely embarked the German research vessel RV ‘SONNE’. The harbour of embarkment, Suva, Fiji, is for most scientists literally the other side of the world. There are many roads that lead to Fiji. […]

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The end is near. Thoughts on a project by Team Chile

Last week, we sat with all our GAME friends together, talking, drinking, having fun and suddenly we had this melancholic thought: “damn only one month to go”! Where did all the time go? How fast can a 9-month experience be? We got a bit sad and started talking about all the great things we experienced, […]