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CYRTACI Expedition (M195)

We run the blog in three languages. Please scroll down until you find the right language.  This is the official blog of the CYRTACI Expedition (M195) aboard RV METEOR in Aegean and Ionian waters from 10th November to 2nd December 2023. The port of departure and arrival is the port of Athens, Piraeus, Greece. We […]

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Science Day 2023: Ocean Voices is more than writing blogs!

Being a scientist involves more than just doing experiments, analyzing problems or sitting in front of the computer, staring at data – it’s also about connecting with other scientists and communicating our work. At OceanVoices, we’re all about creating a space for young ocean researchers to share their experiences and scientific ideas and give them […]

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Hej från Åland

This year’s Finnish GAME team is made up of two German students, Saskia and Florentin, who are studying at the universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart, respectively. Our project is based at the Husö Biologiska Station on the beautiful Åland archipelago. It consists of thousands of small islands that are located in the Baltic Sea west […]

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Iceland or rather the land of endless summer day light

Hæ frá Ísafirði! We are Marlene and Julia, both from Germany and 24 years old, and together we are Team Iceland. Our adventure in this year’s GAME project unfolds in the breathtaking landscape of Iceland’s Westfjords. More specifically in the charming town of Ísafjörður – the capital of the Westfjords – with about 2.700 inhabitants. […]

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Wertschätzung und Zusammenarbeit: Intergenerational bitte! / Appreciation and Collaboration: Intergenerational, Please!

von Lilly Rosenkranz ————————————————–english version below——————————————————————– Im öffentlichen Diskurs nehmen intersektionale Perspektiven häufig die Diversitätsdimensionen Geschlecht, Race und Klasse in den Fokus. Neben diesen viel- und auch notwendigerweise diskutierten Dimensionen spielt auch das Lebensalter in sozialen In- oder Exklusionsprozessen eine Rolle. Werden Menschen aufgrund ihres Alters ausgegrenzt oder benachteiligt, wird von Altersdiskriminierung gesprochen. Im englischsprachigen […]

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The Second Sight of Science

I was probably about thirteen years old. I wanted to put pasta into a pot of boiling water, when I suddenly stopped and stared at the bubbling liquid. It’s not like I had never seen boiling water before, but I had never seen it like this. Instead of just noticing the movement and the steam […]