Was hat eine Nudel mit Ozeanforschung zu tun?

Seit September 2020 bin ich am Institut GEOMAR in Kiel angestellt, um für drei Projekte der Ozeanforschung, EVAR, REEBUS und CUSCO die Öffentlichkeitsarbeit aufzubauen. Das erste Projekt ist vornehmlich beim Institut für Ostseeforschung Warnemünde angesiedelt, die letzten beiden vornehmlich beim GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum für Meeresforschung Kiel. Vor Arbeitsbeginn hatte ich das ein oder andere Vorurteil über […]

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Life in plastic isn’t fantastic

“Moin” everyone from the base of GAME, the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel! We are Alisa Berning and Christin Baensch and together we form Team Kiel. As you might expect, GAME in 2020 is totally different from previous projects. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced us to stay in Germany and conduct our experiment […]

SO279 Setting Sail

The research cruise with the German Research Vessel SONNE (SO279) focuses on the North Atlantic plastic transport mechanisms, sinks, and interactions with biota (NAPTRAM) and supports two major projects: the JPI-Oceans project HOTMIC (“HOrizontal and vertical oceanic distribution, Transport, and impact of MICroplastics”) and the BMBF funded project PLASTISEA (‘Harvesting the marine Plastisphere for novel […]

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Slowly but surely

Hola and greetings from Vigo, Spain. My name is Jacob, and I have the somewhat unique experience of being an American student in the Biological Oceanography master’s program at GEOMAR, participating in this year’s GAME project.  After months of waiting for international travel to once again be possible, I am happy to report that I […]

Oceanography advent calendar? Yes, please!

“Kitchen Oceanography” means doing simple experiments with household items and learning a lot about ocean physics along the way. The “24 days of kitchen oceanography” advent calendar is a perfect way to get involved! From December 1st, there will be daily experiments posted all throughout to the 24th — come over and join in the […]

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Recover and return

— Deutscher Text folgt unten — The fifth week of our cruise was dominated by the finalization of work and the coordination of the recovery of the PAP ODAS buoy. Following a general enquiry by British colleagues from National Oceanography Centre (NOC) to recover this scientific equipment, it had become clear that we could create […]

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Image analysis

by Benson MbaniTwo weeks into my summer holiday, while dancing along to the Jerusalema dance challenge, an email came through which needed urgent action. Usually while on holiday, I only briefly check emails every few days, and only respond to urgent ones. It was from Dr. Timm Schoening – my supervisor and chief scientist for […]

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Surprise MUC

— Deutscher Text folgt unten — The geochemistry group leader runs into the mess, shouting “SURPRISE MUC IN 15 MINUTES!”. Our adrenaline levels shoot through the roof. Everyone leaves their coffee/tea behind, we walk rather quickly (no running on deck!), clothes get changed, everyone is on their post. After three weeks on the research vessel, […]

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— Deutscher Text folgt unten — Yesterday our research trip turned into a rescue mission for some time. What had happened? Maybe you remember the heavy storm we reported about at the beginning of our trip, which forced us to change our work area. It was exactly this storm that damaged a long-term ocean observation […]