World premiere!

After three packed days of sampling today the treatment of the mesocosms was done. Treatment means the change of the water alkalinity within the mesocosms. In the end, each of the mesocosms has a different level of alkalinity with the highest level double the natural concentration. This is a world premiere for ocean alkalinity enhancement […]

Ready to start!

After many months of preparation, uncountable hours of organization, and successfully mastered challenges, finally all researchers and technicians have arrived on the island. During the past weeks, many helpers set up the laboratories and the mesocosms at the pier. Boxes full of equipment from petri dishes to flow cytometers were carried around and unpacked, lots […]

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Terveisiä Suomesta! We say “Hello” from Northern Europe!

A few months ago, we didn’t know either that our team would exist nor that we would be participants in this year’s GAME project in Finland. We are a team consisting of two marine biology students from Germany: Helen Lichtenstein & Sarah-Vanessa van Dahl. Helen is studying at the Christian Albrechts University in Kiel and […]

The competitive teamplayer

A workplace presents challenges – always, in fact. These can consist of shift times, changing work locations or character requirements. What the challenges are depends on the workplace. In some workplaces, the situation is particularly complex. A good example of this is science. A characteristic feature of scientific work is to constantly network and cooperate […]

Die einzelkämpferischen Teamplayer

Ein Arbeitsplatz birgt Herausforderungen – immer, eigentlich. Diese können aus Schichtzeiten, sich ändernden Arbeitsorten oder charakterlichen Anforderungen bestehen. Worin genau die Herausforderungen bestehen, hängt vom jeweiligen Arbeitsplatz ab. An manchen Arbeitsplätzen ist die Situation besonders komplex. Ein gutes Beispiel dafür ist die Wissenschaft. Ein kennzeichnendes Merkmal wissenschaftlicher Arbeit ist es, sich laufend mit anderen Wissenschaftler*innen […]