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Mooring works (2/2)

Recovering the 2 years old mooring is of course just one part of servicing the mooring. After getting back all the instruments, we need to conduct a calibration with each instrument. Therefor they get attached to a CTD to check whether they are still measuring accurately or show some drift. This calibration cast are mostly […]

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Mooring works (1/2)

We left St Johns some days ago after a short stop of just a couple of hours. Heading towards the Labrador Sea preparing for the work to come. During the last days our focus was on the mooring array at 53°N consisting of 7 mooring. First, what is a mooring? In very simple words it’s […]

Alles andere als trockne Theorie: Unser Gastbeitrag bei PerLe

Über eine Lehrinnovation, die auf Kleingruppenarbeit und „hands-on“-Praxiselemente setzte – und was in Zeiten von Covid-19 daraus wurde. Hier ein Repost eines Beitrages, den wir für den “Einfach gute Lehre”-Blog geschrieben haben: In der Lehrveranstaltung „Atmosphären- und Ozeandynamik” im Bachelorstudiengang Physik des Erdsystems wird das theoretische Grundgerüst zum Verständnis der globalen Bewegung von Luft- und […]

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Interview Dr. Urlaub

Eine englische Übersetzung befindet sich weiter unten Being so close to Sicily, where the first part of our research in the context with the MAPACT-ETNA project is conducted, this would be a good point in time to have a closer look at the background. And who could give better overview than the leading scientist on […]

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In between worlds

مرحبا مجددا y bienvenido de nuevo, This translates to “Hello again” in Arabic, and “welcome back” in Spanish, which we thought would be culturally appropriate to this post, considering we’ve just passed the Strait of Gibraltar, having both Morocco and Spain in sight. Somehow, the bridge’s timing was just right as well, giving us a […]

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Warum immer in meiner Wache?/ Such things happen

********************ENGLISH VERSION BELOW************************ Warum immer in meiner Wache? Als studentische Hilfskraft bekommt man an Bord einiges an Verantwortung. Auf der einen Seite freut man sich, weil man auf diese Weise viel mehr lernt und weil man stolz ist, auf das Vertrauen, das einem entgegen gebracht wird. Auf der anderen Seite bekommt man immer wieder erzählt, […]

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Off we go & Leinen los

RV Sonne leaving lock (Photo: Ute and Gert Bartels)

Well, hello there! Nice to have an interested reader like yourself here, on this little blog in the vast space of the world wide web, to read about the long journey of the scientific cruise SO277 aboard RV Sonne. With negative Corona test results at hand, finally, it was time to go to Emden where […]

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It’s all about the weather

It’s 1:00 pm, the sky is clear, the sea is calm. It is time for you to conduct an underway CTD (uCTD). Take the probe and the protocol bring it astern, where the winch is. Load the slack on the tail end of the probe, to make it fall perfectly vertical. After 100 seconds you […]

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An introduction to SMART

Dr. Bradley Weymar.

(Für die deutsche Version bitte runterscrollen) On Thursday, 14th of August 2020, R/V Sonne, one of Germany’s largest research vessels departs from Emden (Germany), towards Sicily and Malta in the Mediterranean Sea starting the OMAX cruise. During the cruise a team of scientists from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel in cooperation with the […]

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First measurements

We made our way through the English Channel and were rewarded with a wavy ocean making some of us suffer from seasickness. Not exactly a great reward but something one should always consider when going on a research cruise. By now all of us have overcome the seasickness and are doing well again. At this […]