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Argo Float Recovery Near Greenland

By Anne-Sophie Fortin Over the past 20 years, Argo floats have caused a small revolution in the field of observational oceanography as they provide near real-time measurements of the ocean subsurface, which have greatly improved our weather forecast and ocean analysis. Currently, there are ~4,000 floats sampling the oceans year-round. These floats are autonomous underwater […]

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Release of SAMS Pressure Sensor

By Anne-Sophie Fortin Today we deployed a highly sensitive bottom pressure instrument from the Scottish Association of Marine Science (SAMS) that will takes measurements for the next 10 years. This instrument is one of a set of two designed to measure the sea surface height across the North Atlantic. The difference in sea surface heights […]

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Glider Recovery in a Zodiac

By Anne-Sophie Fortin After one week of measurements, the glider was successfully recovered today. As it is a somewhat delicate instrument, some of us took a zodiac to bring it back to the ship. The member of the expedition had to wear a survival suit in case someone would have fallen into the cold water […]

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Maintenance of the 53N Array

By Anne-Sophie Fortin Lately, our work is mostly about the maintenance of the moored instruments of the 53oN array that are near the Labrador Shelf. The maintenance of the 53oN array consists of recovering and cleaning the moorings, refurbishing or replacing the instruments and calibrate them, and finally, deploying the mooring at the same location. […]

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Mooring Deployment

By Anne-Sophie Fortin After mooring recovery, maintenance, and calibration it is now time for mooring deployment. The moored instruments are fixed in intervals on a very long cable as we want to measure water mass fluxes from the surface to the ocean floor. Thus, to deploy a mooring, we need to steam slowly as we […]

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Surface to the Ocean Floor Survey with the CTD-Rosette

By Anne-Sophie Fortin As we move along the 53oN Array, we are performing “CTD casts” which consist of lowering a CTD-Rosette to the ocean floor and pulling it back up on deck. A CTD is an instrument that precisely measures the Conductivity and Temperature at every Depth. We can then compute the salinity from the […]

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Polar Lights, Red Moon, and Shooting Stars

By Anne-Sophie Fortin Nature showed its artistic talents today. After a few days in the fog, we finally had a clear sky. As the sunset painted the sky and the water in warm colours, a red half-moon rose slowly at the horizon. Gradually, the milky way illuminated the sky along with some shooting stars. All […]

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Glider Deployment

By Anne-Sophie Fortin August 16, 2022 After the successful calibrations performed yesterday, one of the two Gliders has been deployed today. It will be autonomous and take measurements of water properties, such as temperature, salinity, oxygen, and chlorophyll until its recovery a few days from now. Koordinaten: 52.80255, -51.597367

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SO287-CONNECT: Das Tischtennisturnier auf hoher See

english version below Der letzte Tag an Bord. Die ersten von uns haben heute am 11.12.2021 bereits das Schiff in Richtung Heimat verlassen. Der Rest tritt morgen die Rückreise oder den verdienten Urlaub in Quito, der Hauptstadt Ecuadors oder auf den nicht weit entfernten Galapagos Inseln an. Zum Abschied einer Expedition wird traditionell ein Expeditionssticker […]