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POS534: Mein erster Tag auf See

FS POSEIDON kurz vor dem Auslaufen in Kiel.

Als mein Wecker heute morgen klingelt, springe ich aufgeregt aus dem Bett, heute beginnt die 3 wöchige Forschungsfahrt auf der Nordee mit der Poseidon. Es ist meine erste Seefahrt und ich freue mich, die Wissenschaftler auf ihrer Expedition begleiten zu dürfen. Ich selber bin Studentin und studiere Physik des Erdsystems an der Christian-Albrechts-Universität in Kiel. […]

Fish talk!

One important goal of our long-term data series and of the present cruise is to increase the understanding of the feeding ecology, reproduction and population structure of key Baltic fish species. Why is Baltic cod getting thinner? How are herring and sprat competing for zooplankton? How are the two genotypes of cod in the Baltic, […]

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SO268: What’s up on the seabed?

Manganese nodules with a sponge in the Clarion Clipperton Zone. Photo: ROV KIEL 6000/GEOMAR

At the bottom of the Ocean, in ~4000m water depth they can be found in high abundances: Manganese nodules. Industry and states are interested in these potato-sized objects as a new metal resource. But before commercial mining will start, the potential ecological impacts need to be investigated. Therefore, the project MiningImpact (funded through JPI Oceans) […]

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The Archimedes-I cruise: back to port

+++ Für die deutsche Version bitte nach unten scrollen +++ All good things come to an end and so is the Archimedes-I cruise. For 48 days, 39 scientists and 31 crew members were onboard of the RV Sonne, cruising the Lau Basin in the south-west Pacific. The cruise was one of a kind because in […]

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The Archimedes-I cruise: A short look back to more than 110 years of interdisciplinary geo-research in Polynesia

+++ Für die deutsche Version bitte nach unten scrollen +++ And there are always tracks, and always someone has been there before,and always someone has climbed higher than you ever could,much higher. Don’t be discouraged, climb, climb. But there is no summit.And there is no fresh snow. Kurt Tucholsky, 1931 As it happens, we are […]

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Research at sea: a (wo)man’s business

+++ Für die deutsche Version bitte nach unten scrollen +++ Ever since we started sailing around the world, being at sea was considered a man’s job. According to the International Labour Organisation only 1-2% of seafarers are women today. So how did this come to be and where are we heading? Let’s dive into some […]