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Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head

Yesterday we changed the setup of the W Band radar to better look at the clouds I (Claudia Acquistapace) am interested in puffy clouds, like in cartoons. It is unbelievable that these small puffy clouds really matter for the climate of the entire planet. But that’s what we found, and that’s why we are here. […]

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The Max Planck Cloudkite first flight

Eberhard Bodenschatz January 19, we made a test flight of Tiny 1 (T1, the 250 m3 Helikite) and the spherical 180 m3 floatation balloon “Augsburg”. Things went “okay”. The 7m tethered spherical balloon did not fly as expected. As we needed to fill it only to 70% of full (due to expansion at 2km) the sphere […]

When you dare say what everybody else is thinking…

Using “One should really play more!” as title of a presentation in a serious scientific colloquium might seem like a bold move, but the gamble payed off: a large, interested audience including everyone from students to professors enthusiastically dropped ice cubes and food dye in our LEGO-driven rotating tanks and passionately discussed their observations. On […]

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Challenging, these first three days….

What happened? What did I learnt? First of all, now, finally, I can say I know what sea sickness is.  And I also learnt that you can get out of it.  Well, ok, I still need some breaks while writing, in which I just lay down and look at the ceiling. Those are the moments […]

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In the beginning there was light…

The first couple of days at Barbados were used to recharge all human sunlight batteries to be switched to operating mode at any time. On the ship, loading was done successfully and after all boxes were unpacked, stored, and lushed, we (the physical oceanography team) were missing one of those carefully packed away boxes without […]

Welcome to the family!

In addition to our four DIYnamics-inspired rotating tanks, we now have a highly professional rotating table with SO MANY options! And also so much unboxing and constructing and trouble-shooting to do before it works. But we finished the first successful test: wanna see some rotating coffee in which milk is added? Then check this out!

So schreiben Sie den perfekten wissenschaftlichen Blogbeitrag

Auch wenn es zunächst nicht so scheinen mag: Einen Beitrag für einen wissenschaftlichen Blog zu schreiben ist nicht schwer. Ein paar Tipps und Tricks können helfen, dass er auch gelesen wird. Die Wissenschaftsjournalistin Dr. Yasmin Appelhans war heute im Kurs zu Gast. Hier schreibt sie über verständliches Formulieren, Kernbotschaften und die persönliche Ansprache in Blogs. […]

Throwback Thursday: Clouds in a bottle

A while back, Susann Tegtmeier and Mirjam ran a PerLe teaching innovation project together. Today, we are reposting a blog post about one of the experiments they implemented. This post was first published on Mirjam’s blog. No one likes clouds when they bring rain, but what if you could make your own? Making a cloud […]