Pipefish: Who’s the best dad?

Across the animal kingdom, there is a wide array of ways in which parents care for their offspring. When we think about animals with “good parenting”, we quickly think of close-to-home examples from mammals like ourselves: species in which the female can produce milk to feed her children who stay with their mother for some […]

At the beginning there was bureaucracy

Last year in summer I finished my Master’s degree. I was, and still am, very much in love with science, and enjoyed my research-focussed program a lot. No surprise that I wanted to pursue a scientific career, and that I was very happy I had managed to secure a PhD position as the next step […]

Back to school with Rent-a-Scientist 2023

My experience with teaching geophysics to high-school students It all started with a rather inconspicuous email with the subject title: Do you fancy primary schools? I got quite confused. Why would I get such a message? I am not a teacher. Hmm. Luckily, I decided to read the email anyway. It said something about a […]

Science – at the edge of knowledge

One of the biggest realizations during my PhD so far was that doing science means that literally nobody has ever done whatever you are doing. Duh! That’s kind of the point of science, isn’t it? Generating new knowledge? Yes, but I was somewhat unaware of the consequences for me as a scientist. In a nutshell: […]