Meet the Team


I am a Geophysicist interested in seafloor geomorphology, sedimentary processes, and salt presence and activity in deep-water environments. In my research I aim to better understand how changes in sedimentation, erosion, faulting and subsidence can serve as proxy to the subsurface presence of uplifting features like diapir salts. Even though I came from Brasilia, being in the centre of Brazil, the sea is my passion. I love going on research cruises and experiencing different geophysics methods.  


I am a Post-Doc from Ireland with an interest in the marine carbon cycle an biogeochemistry and how these cycles are affected by climate change. Outside of work, you can find me running in the forests on the outskirts of Kiel, doing Yoga or drinking coffee with a good book at the beach.


I am a marine Geophysicist interested in the geomorphometry of instable and collapsing volcanic islands. I am developing and analysing a world-wide database of marine volcanos to find out what makes some volcanic edifices more likely to collapse than others. I love sharing my passion for science in writing and other media, including song writing. I am also a massive Star Wars nerd and feel comfortable in most forms of kayak.


I am a marine Geophysicist studying the structures and processes that occur within the Earth’s crust beneath island arcs and associated regions in subduction zones. Island arcs along subduction zones are considered to be the nurseries of continental crust formation. Therefore, my research aims to gain a better understanding of the involved processes and resulting structures inside island arcs. Besides work I love to swim a few laps and have a long walk along the coastline.


I am a biological Oceanographer and evolutionary Biologist working on male pregnancy in sex role-reversed fish (pipefish & seahorses). My particular interest lies in host-microbe interactions, so everything related to very small things such as bacteria and viruses. I catch fish in the Baltic Sea, run experiments in the lab and meanwhile try to unravel the role of microbiota during pregnancy. Next to my work, I am a real sports addict – I teach traditional Vietnamese Kung Fu and functional fitness, love scuba diving and cycling. 


As a Geodynamicist, my research focuses on how ‘plate tectonics’ shapes our Earth to create various landscapes, such as mountains, basins, rifts, and islands, as well as seafloor morphologies like ridges, trenches, transform valleys, and abyssal hills. Outside the academic work, I am passionate about making our geoscience accessible to a wider audience. I am interested in visualizing the geoscientific data in immersive, interactive science-art exhibits to help individuals physically comprehend how the Earth system works.