The Second Sight of Science

I was probably about thirteen years old. I wanted to put pasta into a pot of boiling water, when I suddenly stopped and stared at the bubbling liquid. It’s not like I had never seen boiling water before, but I had never seen it like this. Instead of just noticing the movement and the steam […]

From industry to science

„How to move from academia to industry (or to the private sector)?” is a question, that I often hear since I started my doctoral thesis. But before, my question was rather “How do I move from industry to academia?”. In fact, after my studies in geosciences and mining engineering, I didn’t want to engage myself […]

When volcanoes slide into the sea…

A small mountain stands in the middle of the ocean, a hill, strictly speaking. It is called Anak Krakatau, which roughly means “Child of Krakatau”, because a much larger mountain once stood in its place. Just like its predecessor, the Anak Krakatau can spit fire because it’s a volcano. Whenever it erupts and the lava […]

If you don’t try you can’t succeed

Youth nowadays is harder than most people would expect. To be fair not as hard as it was hundreds of years ago or even in the beginning of the 20th century. But exactly that is part of the problem. I mean who really knows what it’s like to grow up with all this rapid development […]

Science is great again

This year a small group of passionate Doctorate Researchers (DRs) had a big role to fulfill, you may call us the DokTeam. After a long time living with Corona, a long time only knowing people from zoom meetings, a long time being at home alone, we had to make the PhD Great Again! We started […]

The sky is the limit

I went to Iceland this summer. You will tell me, it’s not very surprising for a volcanologist and her geologist partner. But we were actually planning to go to Norway which would not have been a boring destination.  We recently left the mountains and cliffs from southern France for the Baltic sea at Kiel, to […]

A fish out of the water

Working in academia can take you anywhere. How wonderful is that? The possibility to go to different places, meet different people, and study different things. It is addicting! And still… it can be a lonely job. The constant changing can bring not only new adventures but also new beginnings over and over again. Coming to […]

A spectral world

Humans love categorizing things. We need categories, so that when I say ‘chair’, you know I mean the thing I can sit on without having to say ‘the thing to sit on’ every single time. In movies and stories, we love to see ‘the bad guys’ beat up and ‘the good guys’ win. Seeing the […]