A spectral world

Humans love categorizing things. We need categories, so that when I say ‘chair’, you know I mean the thing I can sit on without having to say ‘the thing to sit on’ every single time. In movies and stories, we love to see ‘the bad guys’ beat up and ‘the good guys’ win. Seeing the […]

Rock powder against climate change!

…and what your pasta has to do with it… I am frustrated! Heat waves, wild fires, extreme rainfall, floods, droughts and yet people still claim that climate change is not real. Yes, we are doing stuff, but apparently it is not enough, yet. Drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions alone will not be sufficient anymore to […]

Ocean Voices: how did it all begin?

Welcome to the “Ocean Voices” blog series run by doctoral and non-permanent postdoctoral researchers at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany. Thanks for dropping by! We’ve been looking forward to getting this blog running for a while, and are excited to finally get it going with our first post. As our first post, […]