Blackboard 2.0 – Science in a bucket!

We are a group of undergraduate students studying Physics of the Earth System. We love science. We love that at Geomar we can study super exciting aspects of the Earth System in very small groups. And we love formulas and mathematics, well to a certain extend at least  đź™‚ This is where the buckets come into play… […]

When you dare say what everybody else is thinking…

Using “One should really play more!” as title of a presentation in a serious scientific colloquium might seem like a bold move, but the gamble payed off: a large, interested audience including everyone from students to professors enthusiastically dropped ice cubes and food dye in our LEGO-driven rotating tanks and passionately discussed their observations. On […]

12 students, four rotating tables, three experiments and one dog

Yesterday we had four rotating in operation simultaneously, running three different experiments. It’s pretty awesome to be able to bridge spin-up times by just observing what the teams on the neighboring tables are up to, also it’s nice to get a variety of experiments all happening at the same time. Very entertaining and educational indeed! […]

Throwback Thursday: Clouds in a bottle

A while back, Susann Tegtmeier and Mirjam ran a PerLe teaching innovation project together. Today, we are reposting a blog post about one of the experiments they implemented. This post was first published on Mirjam’s blog. No one likes clouds when they bring rain, but what if you could make your own? Making a cloud […]

Bringing in more expertise: Playing with Rolf Käse

Yesterday Torge and I spent a fun Friday night trying out new rotating tank experiments together with Rolf Käse. Rolf taught the lab course that got me into tank experiments (back in 2004!) and he’s still such a huge inspiration! Rolf brought his tank which features a conical bottom, and this gives so many more […]

The DIYnamics rotating table and our experiences with it

The inspiration for Torge’s and my PerLe teaching innovation project was a 2018 article by the DIYnamics team in which “affordable rotating fluid demonstrations for geoscience education” are presented. We were first intrigued, then excited, and since I have always wanted to have a rotating table to play with at home, there was nothing to […]

Giving Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics a new spin

oder: Man muss einfach vielmehr spielen! After teaching atmosphere and ocean dynamics (AOD) for a couple of years I wanted to introduce something new to this course, which is part of the BSc program Physik des Erdsystems (Physics of the Earth system) at Kiel University. The course is kind of a tutorial accompanying the lecture. […]

Hello world!

(fĂĽr die deutsche Version bitte nach unten scrollen) Welcome to this blog, where we will be writing about teaching and learning of ocean, atmosphere and climate sciences in Kiel. We are, for now, Dr. Torge Martin and Dr. Mirjam Glessmer, but we are hoping to inspire other people to join us! This blog begins as […]