What the Hack is going on here?

by Willi Rath About a year ago we introduced the GEOMAR (open!) Hacky Hour, a weekly (virtual) programming and data analysis support meeting compensating for missing door-to-door exchange in the office during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is about our lessons learned along the way. If you’re interested in participating or have any other questions or […]

Digitale Teaching goes Web

“WebLab — Web-based computing lab”: Lessons Learned Authors: Martin Claus (PI) & Willi Rath (co-PI) German version: https://www.einfachgutelehre.uni-kiel.de/allgemein/digitale-lehre-weblab/funded by PerLe-Fonds für Lehrinnovation weblab.uni-kiel.de is a virtual computer lab which can be accessed at any time and from everywhere in the world. Originally, it was set up to leave behind crowded physical computer labs. With the […]

Oceanography advent calendar? Yes, please!

“Kitchen Oceanography” means doing simple experiments with household items and learning a lot about ocean physics along the way. The “24 days of kitchen oceanography” advent calendar is a perfect way to get involved! From December 1st, there will be daily experiments posted all throughout to the 24th — come over and join in the […]

Alles andere als trockne Theorie: Unser Gastbeitrag bei PerLe

Über eine Lehrinnovation, die auf Kleingruppenarbeit und „hands-on“-Praxiselemente setzte – und was in Zeiten von Covid-19 daraus wurde. Hier ein Repost eines Beitrages, den wir für den “Einfach gute Lehre”-Blog geschrieben haben: In der Lehrveranstaltung „Atmosphären- und Ozeandynamik” im Bachelorstudiengang Physik des Erdsystems wird das theoretische Grundgerüst zum Verständnis der globalen Bewegung von Luft- und […]