Not just for university teaching: Sharing our experiments with everybody!

Doing experiments like the ones we’ve been doing here is super helpful to let students of ocean and atmosphere sciences find a different way to approach highly theoretical rotating fluid dynamics. But the experiments are pretty and are raising curiosity not only in students, but in most people that see them.

To share them with a wider audience, we will be partnering with Kiel University’s Instagram profile @kieluni in January. We will take over @kieluni for 4 days and present different experiments in a way that is both easy to understand and (hopefully!) entertaining.

A super cool example of a popular science video using tank experiments I (Mirjam) did at the Geophysical Institute in Bergen is shown below. If something like this doesn’t get people interested in ocean physics, I don’t know what will… 🙂 Check it out, what do you think?