Science, Not Silence

that is the top slogan for tomorrow’s march. 22nd April is named as “Earth Day” and gets celebrated worldwide since 1970. This year, however, will be a special event after all what had happened during and after the US presidential election when Donald Trump called climate change as a bluff: organizers of “March for […]

Sampling techniques at sea

  Doing science at sea is more difficult as on land because it is not easily accessible. Therefore we needed some special devices to get an insight into the marine fauna. To measure different properties of the water body we used the CTD as he first device at every station. CTD stands for conductivity (salinity), […]

Cruising to Kristineberg

After sampling for 2 days in the Skagerrak, we arrived on a sunny day in the city of Gothenberg through a fjord dotted with rocky outcrops and picturesque lighthouses. Gothenberg is the second biggest city in Sweden, home of Göteberg University and an eclectic mix of historical and modern buildings. Although our first evening was […]

The Graveyard Shift

The problem with such strict and frequent sampling schedules on research vessels is that night shifts are inevitable; the time and financial restraints of such a cruise mean that you cannot afford to wait around at a station until the sun is up, the weather is favourable, and more importantly, the personnel are awake! The […]

What’s special about RV Poseidon?

Now that Leila and Julia have already described life on board of the research vessel Poseidon, it’s time to talk about the ship itself. With its 40 years of travelling the seas, Poseidon is the Old Lady of the German research fleet. It is 60.8 m long, 11.4 m wide and has a draught of […]

Life onboard

Welcome to our new home, on board Poseidon. We are 8 students on a research cruise for our Master program in Biological Oceanography at the GEOMAR. It has been 10 days now and we are amazed by how much we have learnt and achieved in such a short time. Despite the tight sampling schedule and […]

Sea dogs on shore leave

After two days and the first 15 sampling stations we arrived in Malmö, Sweden on Sunday, October 2nd at 9 o’clock in the morning. With around 312.000 inhabitants, Malmö is the third largest city of Sweden. On our way to Malmö we passed under the Øresundbridge, which is the world longest combined railway and motorway […]

Bye bye Kiel, said the Dolphin

  It is time to pack again and get ready for the next cruise. This year we go on board of the Research Vessel POSEIDON, also known as the “old lady” of the German marine research fleet. Together with my colleagues Dr. Christian Pansch and Dr. Andrea Barco we are going to train eight students […]

Erste KN Nachrichten über die Quallen im 2016

Endlich sind die ersten Nachrichten des Jahres über Quallen in der Kieler Förde raus. Die Fragen wiederholen sich oft: Was ist das für eine Qualle? Gibt es eine Quallenplage dieses Jahr? Wie gefährlich sind sie? etc. Ich werde versuchen alle meine Interviews hier zu posten, sodass nach eine Weile eine Seite mit FAQ zustande kommt.