Life onboard

Welcome to our new home, on board Poseidon. We are 8 students on a research cruise for our Master program in Biological Oceanography at the GEOMAR. It has been 10 days now and we are amazed by how much we have learnt and achieved in such a short time. Despite the tight sampling schedule and other daily scientific activities, this cruise would not be complete without a short introduction to the ship and some of the people we spent our time with.  Being 2 international students from Korea and Kenya, we are far away from home but believe it or not we have never felt more at home on the Poseidon.
Shall we….

On the working deck where all 5the fun happened. Photo by Leila Kittu

We shared 4 double bed cabins among the students. There is more to the tiny window you see from the outside

Photo by Leila Kittu

You have no excuse not to get work done with 3 meals a day and constant supply of coffee. This is where all had our meals …


The mess. Photo by Leila Kittu

Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore (read Poseidon book library)?- Henry Ward Becher


Lets get to know some of the crew…

Have you always worked on research cruises and if so what is your motivation to do so?
-No, before I started working on research cruises, I was in container shipping. I made the move to work on research cruises because I wanted to work with people and I find it interesting to work with Ocean scientists and helping them do their job at sea because scientists need to have crews to work on the sea.
Which part of the world has Poseidon been to?
-Mainly to the North Atlantic sea (Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland, North Sea, Baltic Sea). The longest voyage it has taken was to the Caribbean sea
Are you interested in ocean science? Do you communicate with scientists about the research?
-Yes, I find marine science interesting, I try to read about the research GEOMAR is involved in and I also get information from the media.  I interact a lot with the scientist onboard and get to hear of their ideas and research too.
What is a typical day as captain of the Poseidon?
-My work involves bridge watching and a lot of time is spent doing logistical and administrative paperwork.


The bridge. Photo by Leila Kittu

How long have you worked on Poseidon?
-Since 2004, I have working on this ship so it is more than 10 years on Poseidon. Before then, I worked on Meteor and Sonne.
Do you have some tips on how to deal with seasickness on board?
-I would recommend, avoid eating fruits when feeling sick. If you have to eat then bread and water would be fine until you feel better. Get a lot of fresh air on the deck and keep your eyes on the sky.
Do you see any interesting marine animals during a voyage?
-We often spot dolphin families following the ship. I have also spotted orcas and whales during the voyage.
How long have you worked on research vessels?
-I have been a cooking on research vessels for the last 28 years.
What is involved in planning meals on the ship?
-Unlike the rest of the crew, I do not have night shifts I have a normal work routine as long as I prepare the three meals of the day.
-Before leaving for any research cruise, I have to plan the daily menus beforehand so that I can buy all the supplies. Inside the ship I have everything I need and I just need to do my job.


That’s it from us, we cannot wait to have this experience again … Haegyeong Lee and Leila Kittu