Sea dogs on shore leave

After two days and the first 15 sampling stations we arrived in Malmö, Sweden on Sunday, October 2nd at 9 o’clock in the morning. With around 312.000 inhabitants, Malmö is the third largest city of Sweden. On our way to Malmö we passed under the Øresundbridge, which is the world longest combined railway and motorway […]

Bye bye Kiel, said the Dolphin

  It is time to pack again and get ready for the next cruise. This year we go on board of the Research Vessel POSEIDON, also known as the “old lady” of the German marine research fleet. Together with my colleagues Dr. Christian Pansch and Dr. Andrea Barco we are going to train eight students […]

Erste KN Nachrichten über die Quallen im 2016

Endlich sind die ersten Nachrichten des Jahres über Quallen in der Kieler Förde raus. Die Fragen wiederholen sich oft: Was ist das für eine Qualle? Gibt es eine Quallenplage dieses Jahr? Wie gefährlich sind sie? etc. Ich werde versuchen alle meine Interviews hier zu posten, sodass nach eine Weile eine Seite mit FAQ zustande kommt.

Qualle-Fisch oder Fisch-Qualle!!!

Tim Samuel, ein Profi-photograph hat eine seltene Aufnahme auf seiner Homepage gepostet, auf der eine kleiner Fisch im Magen einer Qualle zu sehen ist ( Im seiner Interview mit CNN (unabhängig davon was ich von dem Nachrichtendienst halte) hat der Photograph seine Beobachtung beschrieben. Er hat das phänomen als eine Qualle gesehen die den Fisch […]

Quallen im Quizschau

Was hat ein englischer Geschäftsmann auf den Markt gebracht? A) Qualleneis, das im Dunkeln leuchtet B) Chilisoße, die brennbar ist C) Pizza, die sich in der Mikrowelle um das fünffache vergrößert Das war eine der Fragen in der Sendung “Wer weiss denn so was?” in der ARD: Die Antwort: Herr Charlie Harry Francis hat […]

Current topics in marine ecology

it was my turn to give a lecture on jellyfish ecology for M.Sc. students of biological oceanography. The lecture is set to introduce current topics involved in our department and our contributions to it as scientists.  For the round table, where students select a paper to be discussed, we had three papers. the one that […]

What are mesocosm studies?

You might heard about “mesocosm studies” and their contribution to the estimation of global warming or ocean acidification on planktonic community. here you will find more visualized information about our mesocosm experiment we did some years a go:

Jelly Killers

As of yesterday (, a young German tourist was died after being stung by a Box Jelly in Thailand. That was really sad to see how a young life come to an end at the age of 19!! There are something basic to know about jellyfish sting before you start a world tour, or at […]

Jellyfish Soup

They say, being on the sea makes people creative. It happened to me as well and here is my story and a short video about jellyfish. “My English popular name is Jellyfish. Today I am going to tell you my amazing story, how we can build a jellyfish world under the sea. First of all, […]

Time for Fika

On Wednesday, we arrived in Lysekil in Sweden, just in time to enjoy an amazing sunset.   Today, on Thursday, we made a day trip to The Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences in Kristineberg, just across the Gullmarsfjord. Together with the partner station in Tjärnö, one hour north of Kristineberg, it is Sweden’s largest […]