An intersection of art and science

by Karen Osborn

I am a marine biologist because of the to infrequent time at sea and my fascination with the animals that inhabit our ocean.  There was a time though that I considered following a different path, that of an artist.  Though I chose science and leave painting and sculpture to my almost nonexistent spare time, I still indulge my artistic side when documenting the intricate details of the beautiful animals we pull from the depths of the ocean.  Their forms are endless, their colors, textures and movements mesmerizing.  I can’t look away and I want to give everyone the chance to see these amazing things I have been so lucky to see, so, I photograph them. Sometimes spending hours trying to capture all the different features and details.  Mostly, these images are data, a way of documenting the anatomy of the different parts of their bodies so that we can understand how they work, how they interact with each other, and how they survive in this habitat that is so foreign and hostile to us humans.  But sometimes, often in the wee-hours of the morning, I also capture images simply for their beauty.  These images can be considered art all on their own and as such, they grace a few living room walls.  This expedition has turned up so many incredible animals thriving in the deep-water surrounding Madeira and provided opportunities to capture their beauty.  I hope you like them.