Empirical Green’s functions for tsunamis

For first time, we developed empirical Green’s functions for tsunamis. The details are shown in the figure. There were two tsunamis in the Solomon Islands region in July 2015 (Mw7.0) and in February 2013 (Mw8.0; known as the Santa Cruz tsunami). The sources of the two tsunamis are very close to each other (see asterisks in […]

A new source model for the 27 November 1945 Makran tsunami

A new source model has been recently published by Heidarzadeh and Satake (2014) for the Makran tsunami of 27 November 1945. To propose this source, all available data including tide gauge records at Mumbai (India) and Karachi (Pakistan), coastal deformation data along Pasni and Ormara (Pakistan) as well as inferred sea level oscillations at Port […]

Better Understanding of the Behavior of the 2011 Japan Tsunami

In this new “Earthquake and Tsunami”-Blog, I will talk about my field work in Japan in 2011 as well as my new research on tsunamis and large subduction zone earthquakes. My aim is to better understand what happened during the 2011 Japan tsunami and  to explain my recent findings. As a result of my research in Japan, […]