English: Science and Private Life – Interview with Technician Jon Roa

If you work in science, you have to say goodbye to your private life – that’s at least least the stereotype. You’re constantly doing research and moving around for field experiments and congresses. This is true to a certain extent, but there is more to it than that. Interviews with various people reveal the facets of balancing a job in science and a private life with free time and maybe even a family.

In this episode, Jon Roa is our interview guest. He works as technician for Project REEBUS at GEOMAR in Kiel. He therefore has similar schedules to those of the scientists around him and has to go on research expeditions regularly. How compatible is that with a relationship or with wanting a family?

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Author und Host: Ann Kristin Montano

Former scientist who worked long enough in other fields to build up stereotypes about scientists. Now enjoys working among scientists to break down the stereotypes. Realized how much she likes having flexible work hours and the freedom to choose her own work-priorities, when she talked with Jon about his job.

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