Home sweet home

Just in case you were wondering how superman looks like, here are two of them for your delight. © Gabriela Bonelli

It’s already been a week on the RV Meteor and I have so much more to tell about this experience. We are getting to know each other and everything is starting to feel more homey. Making friends from other countries has a lot of advantages, for example we are learning and teaching each other the most interesting words in our respective languages (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and of course German).

Let’s not forget about the crew, they are the best, always there to help us and sometimes spoil as a little bit. They’ve been teaching as about the life on board, knots and how to do pretty stuffs with them.

Days are busy and we don’t have a lot of free time but with a little bit of imagination this hard working period becomes a very fun game. We become Power Rangers while dropping the XBT, once in a while Superman comes on board and every once an hour we are able to “play” with Rocco, the uCTD/dog, who is always so happy to see us again after a nice “walk” up to 400m depth. We are very happy to see him coming back as well.

I don’t know if this will be posted on time but tomorrow is Christmas Eve, the first time on board for most of us, what makes it unforgettable already. How many people can say that they spent their Christmas in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? (WOW!). For sure we all miss our families, but everyone is giving the best so we can all have a very nice holyday.

To finish I wish you all a merry Christmas and an excellent new year.



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