Herbst-Putz für den KOSMOS

Es ist früher Nachmittag und wir beladen die eben gefüllten Tauchtanks auf das Shuttleboot. Der Fahrtwind und das Spritzwasser sind eine durchaus willkommene Erfrischung an einem heißen Tag wie diesem. Heute sind wir zu viert und mit dem Tauch-Equipment ist das Boot gut gefüllt. Nach 20 min Fahrt entlang der Küste und begleitet von fliegenden […]

Familiar Faces | Bekannte Gesichter

[deutsche Version unten] Coming back to Gran Canaria after almost six months, I did not know what to expect and how it would feel. How will we be welcomed? Will the friends we made back in GC 1.0 even recognize us? But just a few days in, all worries were blown away. This time – […]

We would dive for you

Introducing the dive team comes a bit late, but we have the best excuse, we were under water. If you look down from the boat into the water you already get an impression, how great the visibility is. Guess what it is even better to be inside. Of course we have to focus most of […]

Dream start of KOSMOS-GC2.0

Here we are again, KOSMOS Gran Canaria 2.0. Our second endeavour of conducting a long-term in situ mesocosm study in subtropical oligotrophic waters.  And indeed, this time of the year the sea around the Canaries is truly oligotrophic: nutrient concentrations at the detection limit, low plankton biomass and an incredible underwater visibility. At the onset of […]

End of KOSMOS GC 1.0 – Thank you all

Dear all, now that all the boxes are packed, the labs are cleaned, the containers closed, and the mesocosms made fit for GC 2.0, I would like to express my gratitude to all who supported us during the past 11 weeks. It has been an incredible journey, with ups and downs, highs and lows (not […]

The same procedure as last year?

The same procedure as  every  year, “James”. The last of the KOSMOS 2014 participants pack up and prepare to head home…                     We made it… see you again in a few months for the same procedure again….as every “year”.                   […]

The last mesocosm sampling

One week ago we were out at the mesocosms for the last time, taking samples out of the big bags. It is a strange feeling to know that the main experiment is over now and to realize that the end of the project is nearing. You can feel how some sort of melancholy starts to […]

Lab impressions

Being a student assistant (HiWi) enables many insights into different side experiments and lots of interesting work that is going on during the KOSMOS project. Personally I think it is remarkable how fast and efficient people have worked on alternative experiments after the first storm. Despite the low quality of my camera and my lacking […]

Set-up instead of upset!

Even though most of us were quite shocked about the announcing of the end of the experiment we soon started to switch from upset to a new set-up! After several days of brainstorming and multiple meetings with intensive discussions our “Microcosmos” set-up was starting to get more and more concrete. Great ideas and help were […]

Somewhere over the rainbow…



This is the other side of the bad weather at Melenara beach – and it raises hope for buckets full of gold… Or unicorns- both good for Science ;D

(Sorry for the bad quality, didn’t have a nice camera at hand to take a true panoramic shot!)