Last sampling, last box, last day …..

  Last sampling … It’s an old tradition in German oceanographic research that the last sampler brings up a very special sample. Well, in the case of KOSMOS-GC2 it was Tequilla Sunrise. Actually, it was rum instead of tequilla and the sunrise was kind of upside down. But Paul prepared an excellent mix and we […]

The visitors | Die Besucher

[deutsche Version unten] I am the lucky person within the mesocosm team, with the job to coordinate the interplay between different groups. Logistics and coordination within a mesocosm study require a long preparation time. You have to travel to the experimental site long before the experiment starts and prepare the host institute for the mesocosm […]

Primary Production and the pleasure of sampling

Phytoplankton play a key role in the global carbon cycle. These organisms take CO2 of the environment and release O2, by a process called oxygenic photosynthesis, that affects the gas composition in the ocean, and therefore in the atmosphere. Primary production is essential to understand and predict the biogenic flux of CO2 into the oceans. […]

Sediment trap samples don´t smell like apple-pies

     Some weeks ago Ulf, Paul, Ted and I had an interesting meeting about an unplanned measurement which could complement the results that we were producing. It sounded great, and immediately we all began planning the organization, the sampling, the treatments, and how to coordinate the measurements here in Gran Canaria and in Kiel. A […]

Gran Canary: “A prime location for open ocean research”

While the KOSMOS 2014 GC 2.0 experiment on the effects of ocean acidification goes for its final spurt, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) agreed to intensify their cooperation. The three partners aim to develop new […]

“Summer holiday” vs. KOSMOS routine

*German version below*   Delicious tropical fruits for breakfast, lonesome strolls on the picturesque cliffside towards the PLOCAN lighthouse at dawn, watching a nice sunrise and cutting through the waves on adventurous motorboat rides and – with a bit of luck – spotting some turtles, flying fish or even a hammerhead shark in the crystal-clear […]

Nitrogen fixation in GC 2.0

Before I get you bored with scientific jargons (which I’ll try to avoid as much as possible), I must acknowledge that working at mesocosms is an amazingly pleasant experience. I’ve been on many research vessels but going on a boat on an early morning sampling and seeing mescosms in action is definitely a worth experience […]

Eier, wir brauchen Eier! – Germans are always lucky!

  -english version see below- Eier, wir brauchen Eier. Diese Worte stammen von einem großen deutschen Philosophen des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts und beschreibt ziemlich genau unsere letzten Wochen. Nachdem das Tiefenwasser zugegeben wurde, hatte das Phytoplankton Zeit genug sich zu vermehren und dem Zooplankton sollte dieser reich gedeckte Tisch auch Anlass genug sein Nachkommen zu […]

Turning an ocean desert into plankton paradise

It may seem like the perfect sea to swimmers, snorklers, and divers – crystal clear, turquoise water with an underwater visibility of 30 metres and more. Among marine scientists this is often referred to as an ocean desert. The concentrations of plant nutrients in these waters are so low, that it takes special instruments and […]