Blog from the CREATE participants

The SO289 research cruise aboard R/V Sonne, which involves the trans-Pacific leg of the GEOTRACES program, is a 48-day expedition consisting of 48 planned CTD cast stations taken at approximately 1-3° intervals all the way from the coast of Chile to the South Fiji Basin (Figure 1). The chief objective of this research cruise is […]

Sailing on RV SONNE – a dream came true

(Deutsche Version unten) It all started in the hallway of the ICBM in Oldenburg. I studied environmental sciences in my bachelors and spent large amounts of my time in the building of the ICBM (Institute for Marine Chemistry and Biology). And there, in the hallway, I saw it. A small replica of the RV SONNE. […]

Tracing particles through natural radioactivity

(deutsche Version unten) But to what do I personally lose my sleep exactly? Sinking particles! More exactly, determining the flux of particles, thereby transporting carbon down into the deep of the ocean. Relying on available nutrients and sunlight, phytoplankton flourishes in the upper layers of the ocean by converting CO2 in organic molecules such as […]