Ate mais, Fortaleza

German version: see below Fortaleza, May 29th 2014, Dragao do Mar On our way home, sadly! Our Brazilian team with Rebecca, Mariana, Mariella, Rodrigo and Leopoldo has become dear to us. It was great fun building the exhibition with them and learning, apart from their life stories, about the day to day life of Brazilian […]

Official Opening Ceremony

German version: see below Fortaleza, May 28th 2014, Dragao do Mar, 16:00 The first guests are arriving slowly, numerous scientists from Germany (Kiel University, GEOMAR, ZMT Bremen) and from different institutes and universities in Brazil, representatives from DIWH in Sao Paulo, from the DAAD offices in Rio and Fortaleza, from the German Embassy and the […]

Everything is ready for opening

German version: see below Fortaleza, May 28th 2014, Dragao do Mar, 9:00 to 15:00 Today’s program is the official opening ceremony and there is still a lot to do. Furthermore, a heavy downpour at night brought the second endurance test for our modules. We had not closed the boxes in the evening in order to […]

Future Ocean Dialogue successfully opened!

We finally received that important message from Fortaleza all of us back in Kiel were eagerly waiting for: The Future Ocean Dialogue has now officially and successfully been opened to the public and everything turned out to be just fine! Visitors and official guests from DAAD, DWIH and the embassy alike all seemed to be […]

New Exhibition Website Launched

With the exhibition starting in Fortaleza today, we simultaneously launched the official “Future Ocean Dialogue”-Website. It features an additional online experience for visitors of the exhibition, offering further information that go beyond the actual exhibits. Those additional contents are mainly interactive multimedia items that were especially optimized for mobile devices. So those tech-savvy visitors that like to […]

One day to go!

Good news from beyond the ocean: Our exhibition team has arrived safely in Fortaleza/Brazil and the container not only made it to the port but is finally at the exhibition venue Dragao do Mar where the exhibits have already been unloaded. With now only 24 hours remaining until the grand premiere, excitement back here in Kiel is peaking  and we’re […]

Exhibition Assembly at Dragao do Mar

German version: see below In the morning the technicians among us, especially Manu and Christian, our contact here, go on ahead to Dragao do Mar. They’ll connect the computers. The rest of the group goes to the workshop, a two day event with German and Brazilian scientists, politicians and partners from the DAAD (German Academic […]

Arrival at Dragao do Mar

German version: see below Breakfast at 6:30 a.m.; the container with the ‘Future Ocean Dialogue’ exhibition should be delivered to the exhibition center in the middle of the city at 7:00 a.m. Yesterday evening Jan from the transport company was sure. We can hardly believe it, since we have already had three days with our […]

New Video: Making of ‘Future Ocean Dialogue’

While tension is increasing with the exhibition’s world premiere in Fortaleza/Brazil only six days away, it’s time to take a look behind the scenes and set the mood for the “Future Ocean Dialogue” coming up: On occasion of the exhibitioners taking care of the final preparations before shipping the container to Brazil, also some video […]

Handling of a Travelling Exhibition

A basic requirement a travelling exhibition needs to meet is mobility. The Future Ocean Dialogue was hence designed to fit into a a single container that can easily be shipped to any international destination. Mobility is reflected in the exhibition concept even further: The modules themselves also serve as transport boxes and easily convert in […]