About the Exhibition

Photo: Geomar

Photo: Geomar

The Future Ocean Dialogue:
An Exhibition on the Exploration of the Seas

“The oceans form the largest habitat on our planet. We know that they play a key role in our existence. Yet the endless breadths of the oceans have been less explored than the surface of the moon. Therefore marine research is the duty of science to society.”

According to this motto, the new travelling exhibition “Future Ocean Dialogue” will first be shown in different locations in Brazil on occasion of the “Alemanha + Brasil 2013-2014”-year, hosted by the German Federal Foreign Office. The offical premiere took place in Fortaleza on May 28, the exhibition will move on to Rio de Janeiro in July.

Parallel to this exhibition blog, also the official exhibition website “Future Ocean Dialogue” is available, featuring a virtual tour of the exhibition and offering additional contents.