A new source model for the 27 November 1945 Makran tsunami

A new source model has been recently published by Heidarzadeh and Satake (2014) for the Makran tsunami of 27 November 1945. To propose this source, all available data including tide gauge records at Mumbai (India) and Karachi (Pakistan), coastal deformation data along Pasni and Ormara (Pakistan) as well as inferred sea level oscillations at Port Victoria (Seychelles) were used.

This new source model implies a heterogeneous slip distribution for the earthquake source which ranges from 4.3 m in Ormara (Pakistan) to 10 m in the offshore area at the water depth of around 3000 m (Figure below). Details are presented in a recent paper by Heidarzadeh and Satake (2014): New Insights into the Source of the Makran Tsunami of 27 November 1945 from Tsunami Waveforms and Coastal Deformation Data, Pure and applied Geophysics, 10.1007/s00024-014-0948-y.


The pdf file of the paper is here (click here).

Click on the figure to see the enlarged form.