Catch It If You Can! – Amphipods in the Deep-Sea

Let's get to know a deep-sea scavenging crustacean! Photo: Tasnim Patel

by Tasnim Patel, RBINS Life in the deep-sea is no picnic and dedicating your life to studying our last truly unexplored wilderness isn’t easy either. To sample fauna in the abyssal plains requires courage, expertise, commitment, financial backing and in my case …a pinch of luck. I’m studying deep-sea scavenging crustaceans, which are not only […]

Deep-sea gardening

Microscopic images. Copyright ©Marine Biology Research Group, Ghent University, Freija Hauquier

by Dr. Freija Hauquier, Ghent University Underneath the seafloor lies an entire world of small animals crawling between the sediment grains, well hidden from the human eye at first glimpse. Yet they are numerous, diverse, and equally deserve our attention in the context of deep-sea mining. Sure, studying them requires a bit more patience than […]

The ROV on board SONNE 268

ROV KIEL 6000 on board SONNE 268. Foto: Khamann

The largest and probably most expensive scientific equipment on board of RV SONNE on the present leg is a remotely operated deep-diving “robot” called ROV KIEL 6000. “ROV” is the abbreviation for “Remotely Operated Vehicle”. The ROV provides “eyes and arms in the deep sea”. ROV KIEL 6000, which got its name from the city […]

Phantastische Tierwesen und wo sie zu finden sind/Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them

(English version below) Tief, fremd und unbekannt: So wird die Tiefsee häufig beschrieben. Die meisten der Tiere in der dunklen Tiefseeebene 4000 Meter unter unserem Schiff sind bisher unentdeckt und nur wenige wurden wissenschaftlich beschrieben. Hier möchten wir einige der Arten vorstellen, die wir während der Fahrt SO268 bereits entdeckt haben oder von denen wir […]

Location, Location, Location

Fig 1: Working area of SO268. For more information see below.

Working areas and sampling sites during cruise SO268 of RV SONNE by Timm Schoening (GEOMAR) and Peter Urban (GEOMAR) RV SONNE cruise SO268-2 followed in the footsteps of the first leg of this expedition – SO268-1. We continue to sample the diverse seafloor in two main working areas within the Clarion-Clipperton-Zone (North-East Pacific). Our scope […]