Observing how rotating systems behave differently from non-rotating ones

One might ask oneself why we are insisting on rotating tank experiments. In order to establish that rotation isn’t just there to make equations a lot more complicated, but that it actually changes how things behave, we ran two different experiments. Turbulence in rotating and non-rotating system First the probably easiest experiment anyone could imagine: […]

Bringing in more expertise: Playing with Rolf Käse

Yesterday Torge and I spent a fun Friday night trying out new rotating tank experiments together with Rolf Käse. Rolf taught the lab course that got me into tank experiments (back in 2004!) and he’s still such a huge inspiration! Rolf brought his tank which features a conical bottom, and this gives so many more […]

The DIYnamics rotating table and our experiences with it

The inspiration for Torge’s and my PerLe teaching innovation project was a 2018 article by the DIYnamics team in which “affordable rotating fluid demonstrations for geoscience education” are presented. We were first intrigued, then excited, and since I have always wanted to have a rotating table to play with at home, there was nothing to […]