Global Day of Climate Action


As the ocean is one of our biggest allies in the battle against climate change, we didn’t miss the chance to contribute to the Global Day of Climate Action. The fight against climate change is probably one of the biggest challenges of our generation. If we want to sustain a habitable planet we need to […]

Fluorescent people!

Our supervisors call us the fluorescent guys because we are measuring chlorophyll-a fluorescence. And what is that? Chlorophyll-a is a crucial pigment present in photosynthetic organisms. Photosynthesis is the mechanism by which plants and algae use light to obtain energy to make food. During the photosynthesis, CO2 is sequestered from the atmosphere and converted into […]

Let’s do filtration!

It’s sampling day, eight o’clock in the morning. Busy people are running through the PLOCAN floors to get all equipment into the van before bringing it down to the pier where our mesocosms are moored. Finally, all sampling boxes and the three large tubes to take the samples from the mesocosms are loaded and everyone […]

Let’s get down to work!

Our moody Princess and her co-worker (the gas tank) are already working very hard every day to get those dissolved inorganic carbon measurements done as fast as possible to check the progress of the experiments. Everyone is welcome to cheer on them! Julieta Schneider

World premiere!

After three packed days of sampling today the treatment of the mesocosms was done. Treatment means the change of the water alkalinity within the mesocosms. In the end, each of the mesocosms has a different level of alkalinity with the highest level double the natural concentration. This is a world premiere for ocean alkalinity enhancement […]

It’s time to clap!

The mesocosms are filled!  The boat PLOCAN uno set anchor outside the harbour of Taliarte. A long tube connects the boat to the mesocosms. Via this tube, sea water gets pumped by a peristaltic pump on the boat to the pier. Here, it is split equally to the nine mesocosms. This year a new equipment was developed […]

Ready to start!

After many months of preparation, uncountable hours of organization, and successfully mastered challenges, finally all researchers and technicians have arrived on the island. During the past weeks, many helpers set up the laboratories and the mesocosms at the pier. Boxes full of equipment from petri dishes to flow cytometers were carried around and unpacked, lots […]