Running up and down

Author: Giulia Faucher Pictures: Giulia Faucher, Carl Lim & Julieta Schneider At the station, if you see 2, 3 or even 4 people running up and down from the lab to a blue incubator box and vice versa, several times every day, that’s us: the side experiment team! Indeed, not only the main experiment with the […]

A picky job

Author: Jaqueline Haußmann, Pictures: Jaqueline Haußmann Click…click…click goes the sound of my counter. 41 so far, the number of individuals I have just collected and placed in a tiny drop of water inside a tin capsule. Another sample is ready! I put it in the according plate and note everything important about the sample. Off to […]

A closer look

Author: Nicolás Sánchez, Pictures: Nicolás Sánchez I sometimes still catch myself looking out to sea thinking how vast and empty it seems. Then I laugh to myself, intuition in this case could not be further from reality. Going out on the boats to sample at the mesocosms, I gaze in, only catching a glimpse of […]


Author: Laura Marín Samper, Pictures: Michael Sswat & Laura Marín Samper After a long day of many hours analyzing dissolved oxygen samples, I was lucky enough to participate in an impromptu, Norwegian, late summer night excursion to the mesocosms. While having dinner, Dr. Michael Sswat told us that he wanted to videotape inside the mesocosms […]

It’s all about Sampling

Author: Julieta Schneider, Pictures: Giulia Faucher, Javier Arístegui and Julieta Schneider The first days of the campaign are always a bit confusing and blurry in memories afterwards. People are running around trying to put together their respective equipment, finding boxes for their samples and space to store them. It’s all about getting ready for the […]

La habitación fría

Author and Pictures: María Couret Huertas If you want to know what is happening in “La habitación fria” (the cold room), get the jacket and let me give you a tour. In “La habitación fria” multiple experiments are taking place, but in this post I’m going to talk about the copepod respiration rate experiments. Copepods […]

Welcome to the cave

Author & Pictures: Philipp Süßle It´s dark, cold and moist. Peculiar sounds are coming from one corner of the room. The plankton wheel is spinning relentlessly. In the other corner, a glooming monitor is showing a continuous rain of particles, diving the lab into a cold light. Wanja and I are wearing thick onesies to […]

“Stayin’ alive” vs. “Hallelujah”

Author: Wanja Böhme, Pictures: Lukas Krause It’s 08:15 at the peer, the sun has been up for three hours already. People are running around, loading boxes with bottles and canisters on Wassermann, Rita and Peterchen – the boats of the KOSMOS campaign. Every second day we drive out to sample the mesocosms. Of course, I […]

It’s dinner time!

Author & Pictures: Julieta Schneider We have a vivid community at the marine research station and, as such, we like to share some delicious dinner together. Though fun and cosy, it is not an easy task to cook for 40 people! Logistics start when shopping. We need to gather volunteers, a driver, and the shopping […]