Join In: Crowd Translation now open!

As MOOC authors we want our messages – the nuggets of insight, the invitation to engage – to really reach a global audience. Our MOOC was filmed in English, admittedly a wide-spread universal language of science, but by no means the language of everyone intersted in learning about the ocean. So what to do? This is a dilemma common to “global education” and a real challenge to us. After all, a main pitch of our course is that we, humanity, shares just ONE ocean, a vast expanse that unites us all.

Here’s where you come in, dear Reader! Crowd Translation is the task – if each of us takes one chapter, (the more enthusiastic among us can take more :-))  and can dedicate a bit of time to get it into their language, think of the outreach we would have! We would get to people in your part of the world in your language, and allow them to pass on what they have learned in their communities and circles.

So we have set up a crowd translation platform that anyone can contribute to – and we’ve started with three languages

One Planet – One Ocean: Translate to Chinese!

One Planet – One Ocean: Translate to Portugese!

One Planet – One Ocean -Translate to German!

You don’t find your language here? Contact us, let’s see what we can do!

I like this idea. We present the MOOC as an educational resource, and ask you – viewers, students, intersted citizens – to take ownership, and help us get the message out…. Will it work? I hope so – go to one of the links above and let’s start now!

See you online.


7 thoughts on “Join In: Crowd Translation now open!

  1. Hi Avan,
    I’ve just enrolled to the course and I can contribute in translating the content of the course in Italian.
    I am a chemist working on sustainable management of water resources and very passionate about it.
    I think I can manage the translation and I’d love it!
    I’ll send you my linkedin profile just to let you get an idea on me.
    Lets me know,
    it would be a pleasure to give my contribute.
    Carla Mancosu

  2. Hi Carla,
    This is really exciting. To have people like yourself, who are really (as you say) “passionate” about the topic is exactly what drives us to make efforts to this course get out into the world. We can’t do it without volunteers such as yourself.
    Thanks so much.
    I took up your suggestion immediately! Here is the link to get going on the Italian Crowd translation.

    Spanish is also new and online – just go straight to my new blog posted a few minutes ago.
    My personal tip: start with the trailer!
    See you in the course, Carla!

    • Hi Carla, Thanks! I will put it online as subtitles on the trailer as soon as it is done. They you can pas on the message in italian-speaking circles!

  3. hi!
    I also enrolled for the course yesterday.
    I’m a biologist from argentina living in Barcelona, who just completed a course to become a specialist translator in the pharmaceutical-scientific field.
    I would love to contribute with the translation onto spanish since it’s my mother tongue.
    I’ll check therefore for the spanish links as mentioned before.


    • Hi Cecilia, This is super…and will benefit a lot of people. If you can, start with the early lectures – we’re broadcasting next week, and will keep going as the course progresses.
      I greatly look forward to seeing you online.

  4. Hi I have enrolled the course. I can take a translation in Japanese, if it helps. My profession is sustainable investment analyst. I am aware that my Japanese fellows have quite some impact on ocean biodiversity issues. Please let me know if you were interested.


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