The response to our crowd translation has been overwhelming – Thanks to all you wonderful people out there who are wanting and willing to get involved, and make the material we provide accessible in Chinese, Portuguese and German.

(go straight to this link to see the trailer subtitled already, as an appetizer for the course)

Carla Mancosu wrote into the last blog and wants to add on – Italian! Welcome, Carla, what a super initiative. Having set the snowball rolling, we have released an avalanche. Spanish is also now in the picture.

Here you are – log in and get your own sneak preview. Enjoy and learn while you translate.

One Planet – One Ocean: Translate to Italian!

One Planet – One Ocean -Translate to Spanish!

What your task really is: you will choose the title of a lecture to translate, and submit the request. We then link you to the video, the English text with time markers for subtitles and an automatically translated text in your language. The latter is seldom really good – we ask you to make it correct, readable and “clean it up”. It helps if you have some academic background, but the lectures are not technical, so don’t hesitate no matter your prior knowledge.

Start with the Trailer and Preview – we’ll put that up as soon as it is translated!

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