Everything as usual

Sunset in the South Atlantic Ocean. Photo: Christina Schmidt

by Christina Schmidt, CAU Today we are right in the centre of a high pressure system, so everything is really calm. No winds, no big waves and, as it rained yesterday, no more salt covering the deck, make me sometimes forget that we are actually right in the middle of the South Atlantic. But we […]

Hump day on the Meteor

Training for the big table-soccer tournament. Photo: Anne Scherhag:

by Anne Scherhag, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz It is incredible how fast the time is passing on board the Meteor: Today is already hump day. I can’t believe it is already our 10th day in the South Atlantic, and I guess, the second half will pass even faster due to being settled into […]

Just another day in Paradise

Just another day in Paradise. No, really. After writing this blog, I am going to head up to the sun deck with a good book and enjoy the waveless, windless, sunny day. Yesterday’s multinet sample contained very few microplastic particles for me to count- thus I have the day off before my shift starts at […]

The first Sunday on board of the RV Meteor

Hello everyone, today is the first Sunday on board the Meteor. The calm waters are gone and now we taste some real southern open ocean waters. I am on one of the night shifts and we can see the amazing sunrise every day. Sundays on a ship are not like Sundays on land where you […]

The blue and calm waters

Today begins the fifth day of sailing and there continues to be calm water. Every day my team group begins at midnight and we perform measurements with the XBT and uCTD and sometimes CTD with the rosette. After the end of the shift, I sleep a few hours until lunchtime and then I start again […]

We’ve only just begun

It’s another day at the FS Meteor and although it’s been only 4 days since we left Cape Town – South Africa – which is a beautiful place that I have to come back again – , it feels that we are here for weeks now. I don’t know if it’s the great interaction between […]

2th March, 2016   It is one more day of calm waters. As every day the shift of my team began at 8 a.m. after breakfast. Then, we tried to fix the uCTD and we could do it. The routine in these three days are being very busy, we don’t stop, because every time we have […]

Day one of many

And so our first full day at sea came and all sight of land vanished. Our bodies adjusted to the constant motion of the ocean and the protein rich German diet. Our time for procrastinating was gone. It was time to start working! In addition to our thematic personal projects, students were assigned into shifts […]

R/V METEOR M124 – Pass the CTD, please.

Today (29 February 2016) marks the beginning of scientific cruise M124 on board the legendary German Research Vessel – FS Meteor. Departing from Cape Town, South Africa in the capable hands of Captain Michael Schneider, the Meteor’s 32 crew and 27 scientists (of 10+ nationalities) set out to research the South Atlantic Ocean. The M124 […]