Gran Canary: “A prime location for open ocean research”

While the KOSMOS 2014 GC 2.0 experiment on the effects of ocean acidification goes for its final spurt, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) agreed to intensify their cooperation. The three partners aim to develop new […]

Abtauchen für die Zukunft unserer Ozeane

Verankerung des Tiefenwassersammlers bei den Mesokosmen. Foto: Constanze Bückner

Gastbeitrag von Constanze Bückner, Gewinnerin des 2. Preises im Wettbewerb „Unsere Erde 2050 Die Welt der Zukunft“ Ich habe nicht damit gerechnet, dass mich meine Überlegungen zum Leben in Deutschland im Jahr 2050 auf ein deutsches Forschungsschiff vor der Küste Gran Canarias führen könnten. Doch im Februar 2014 war es soweit. Mein zweiter Platz beim […]

Setting up the mesocosms

Because there was too little space onboard POSEIDON, three mesocosms had to be dismantled and brought to Gran Canaria in a container. Ralf Schwarz and Mario Deckelnick from GEOMAR’s Technology and Logistics Centre flew in a couple of days ago to put them together again and attach ropes and weights. They were glad about the […]

Off to Gran Canaria

Today, POSEIDON left Kiel for Gran Canaria. Keep your fingers crossed for a smooth sailing and follow her route here. All pictures by Maike Nicolai, GEOMAR

Ready to go

Today, scientific equipment, our dear working boat Wassermann and six mesocosms were loaded onboard research vessel POSEIDON at Seefischmarkt, Kiel. Rain and snow made sure everybody is very much looking forward to going to the Canaries… All pictures by Maike Nicolai, GEOMAR

Container Packing

Three mesocosms, tubes, the famous pretzel salt, plankton wheels, filtering racks, carboys, canisters, fenders, survival suits, and boxes, boxes, boxes… Yesterday and today, the KOSMOS 2014 GC team packed their material for the container ship transport to Gran Canaria. We’re almost ready to go! All pictures by Maike Nicolai, GEOMAR

Collecting Saharan dust at Cape Verde

„Why the hell do you go to Cape Verde to collect Saharan dust??“ was the question that Mirja was confronted with several times by the locals at Cape Verde in October. Of course it would be much easier to collect the sand straight from the Sahara desert in one day instead of mounting boxes on […]

Welcome to the KOSMOS 2014 Gran Canaria Blog

Welcome to the KOSMOS 2014 Gran Canaria Blog! On this site, we will report regularly about work and life in Taliarte, Gran Canaria. Right now, everybody is busy packing boxes and bags. A lot of things have to be planned and organised until the experiment can start in the end of January 2014. Even three […]