Bye bye Kiel, said the Dolphin


It is time to pack again and get ready for the next cruise. This year we go on board of the Research Vessel POSEIDON, also known as the “old lady” of the German marine research fleet. Together with my colleagues Dr. Christian Pansch and Dr. Andrea Barco we are going to train eight students enrolled in the Biological Oceanography Master Course at GEOMAR.

M.Sc. students of Biological Oceanography of GEOMAR on board of POSEIDON

M.Sc. students of Biological Oceanography at GEOMAR on board of the POSEIDON. Photo by Fabian Wolf

Our program is relatively tight, including microscopy on board and overnight shifts. Christian will be in charge of benthos sampling, Andrea will take care of data management and samples for later molecular analysis and I will partake in jellyfish sampling. In the next few days we will discover how biodiversity changes along the salinity gradient from the Baltic Sea to the Skagerrak; let’s hope for good weather! While leaving, we spotted a cute dolphin swimming around the ship. I would call it a harbinger of good fortune!